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Boosters Help part #1

This is the first part ,out of two, about Candy Crush Saga boosters. This page shows you all the information about Candy Crush Saga Boosters. There are a lot Boosters available in the game. The further you get in the game the more will be available. Getting familiar with the boosters in Candy Crush Saga will increase your points and will make you complete the levels much faster. The most famous Candy Crush Boosters are: the Candy Crush Lollipop, Jelly Fish but there are a lot more boosters, and every know and then KING releases new boosters.

Not every booster is available in each level. There are some levels who will give you some free boosters at the start and some you'll have to earn. Some say that using boosters is cheating in Candy Crush Saga, I think it's okay to use some. But it's always nice to complete a level without using one. There are also some boosters which you can buy. My experience is that every level is doable without paying for Boosters.

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Candy Crush Lollipop Booster

Candy Crush Lollipop Booster

The Lollipop Hammer Booster in Candy Crush Saga is the first booster of the game and it will be available in the 6th level. Use it to smash anything, but be careful it's only available for one level. I suggest only to use it on the bottom layer of the jelly.

5 free moves Booster Candy Crush Saga

5 free moves Booster Candy Crush

A resent update have changed the 3 free moves to 5 free moves boosters. In level seven you can use the 5 free moves booster. It's a very simple booster. You are able to make three moves in a row.

Candy Crush Jelly Fish Booster

Jelly Fish Booster

After the three free moves booster the jellyfish booster in Candy Crush Saga will appear in the 8th level. If you match the candies the right way they will turn in three fishes who will smash all the jelly in the playfield.

Candy Crush Colour Bomb Booster

Colour Bomb Booster

In the 12th level of Candy Crush Saga you'll be able to use the Colour Bomb Booster in Candy Crush Saga. It's pretty easy when you start a level you can make use of the booster and change the colours of the candies in the playfield. This way it will be easier to match candies.

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Switch Hand 'Glove' Booster in Candy Crush

The Switch Hand 'Glove' Booster in Candy Crush

The Switch Hand Booster also known as Glove Booster is a booster who allows you to combine two candies which do not fit normally. You can only use this booster with candies who are next to each other. Normally you have to buy this booster but it's also possible to win the booster on the daily wheel. The Switch Hand Booster is really nice to use in ingredients level.

The Coconut Wheel boosters in Candy Crush

The Coconut Wheel in Candy Crush

After the 14th level you will be able to use the Coconut Wheel Booster in Candy Crush Saga. Make use of it by swapping it with another candy. The coconut wheel has different results when using it in combination with other special candies or normal candies. Just experiment with it and you'll see. It's possible to move the coconut wheel. Depending on which direction you move it, it is used to turn the first 3 spaces into a striped candy. Swap the Coconut with another booster and you can take out an entire row.



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