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'Swing Copters': Tips & Tricks

Below here the best gameplay tips and tricks for 'Swing Copters'. This game is not easy and some helpful tips can help you to improve your gameplay. Get to know all the ins and outs about the new game of Dong Nguyen.

Swing Copters has not been released and already the internet is exploding. Tipsandtricksfor predicts Swing Copters will be at the top of all the charts very soon.

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'Swing Copters': Gameplay Tips



Tip 1: Search for the right pace

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Just like in the previous game the right pace or rhythm is really important. Enchant yourself and try to stay in one pace. Without even noticing it you'll reach a much higher score. Every tap to the screen will change the side the 'chopter' is moving to. So with the right tempo you'll stay in the middle of the screen when reaching a obstacle.

Tip 2: Swing Copters is even harder than Flappy Bird.

Swing Copters Gameplay tips, it's hard

This game is even more difficult than its predecessor. And therefore even more addictive. Just try to focus on creating a nice high score first, and then try to get better and better.

Tip 3: Choose the right path.

Swing Copters Gameplay tips, path

The most difficult part about this game is getting passed the obstacles and moving hammers. For me it works the best to focus on the center of the screen and automatically the center of the obstacles. Finding the right pace is the best way to stay in the middle.

Tip 4: The two finger trick.

Every touch on the screen will move the copter to the left and then to the right. To find the right rhythm it's advisable to use two fingers. One finger for the left and the other for the right part. This way you won't get confused and you'll be more concentrated. Getting the right flow is much easier with this trick.

Tip 5: Just admit it; you're addicted.

Before you get anger management problems and you're throwing your device through the room; just admit that you're addicted. That way you can take some breaks and calm down again.

Tip 6: Don't get fooled by the hammers.

Dodging the hammers is really hard. For me it worked the best to focus on the 'not moving' obstacles.

BEST TRICK! Tip 7: Focus on the eyes.

After trying some different strategies I found out the one thing. Focus on the eyes of the Copter. It helped me a lot to get in the right flow. The first good thing about this strategy is that you can see which way the copter is going. The second good thing is that you won't be distracted of the moving hammers and other obstacles. This is the ideal way to get passed a lot of barriers.

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