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'Swing Copters' the new successor of 'Flappy Bird'

The maker of the popular smartphone game Flappy Bird has announced a new game. Developer Dong Nguyen brings Swing Copters this week (week 34, 2014).

Dong Nguyen released a trailer of Swing Copters. The game looks similar like the previous game Flappy Bird. The gameplay is not horizontal like in Flappy Bird but vertical. In Swing Copters you need to bring a flying 'Copter' as high as possible. On your way you have to dodge the hammers. The hammers move from left to right. With every touch on the screen you'll move the 'Copter' from left the right.

Swing Copter Gameplay
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Gameplay Video Trailer of 'Swing Copters'

Watch the first gameplay video trailer of 'Swing Copters' down here:


Addicted 'Swing Copters' players

The successor of 'Flappy Bird' looks really addictive and I definitely can't wait to play this new game. Dong Nguyen removed his previous game 'Flappy Bird' after a wave of popularity worldwide. Some said he was making a few hundred thousand dollar a day. Dong Nguyen's statement for removing Flappy Bird was because he thought the game was to addictive.

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