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The game first started as a website. The game became really popular so recently there has been released an app. After that became even more popular. After filling in your nickname you're able to personalize your items, and after that you're ready to go.

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By swiping the screen in you'll move in the game. in the you control the sphere by swiping your finger across the screen. In the beginning you mostly 'eat' all the small balls, and then slowly being able to eat more players. The bigger you get, the slower you move, which makes it is also more difficult to eat other players. If you're getting really too big and automatically more slow, you can split your big scoop in two. You'll be faster again, but you'll be a prey for bigger players again. Tips - Survive as a small cell hide as a small cell

As a small cell in at first you collect other smaller cells. The advantage being small is moving really fast on the map. Being small gives you the opportunity to fly through the green spiky dots on the map. In contrast to larger opponents because they willsplit by the green spiky dots and will try to avoid that. Your circle will grow in size, if it swallows other opponents.

Firstly because many players will have bet on the wrong players and they will dump their cards and the price drops after it turns out they didn't get upgraded.

Second, the most players that did get the upgrades have been collected and with everyone trying to sell them right after the upgrades there will be a lot of player cards on the market and therefore a big price drop. This is the perfect opportunity to get the favorite players for a much better price. Tips - Push opponents in the corner

Fly with a larger ball into a green spiky dots on the map and your cell will split. This has some advantages. For example when a smaller/faster cell is pushed in a corner you'll be able to enclose the smaller cell more easily. In addition: As a giant circle you also collect minor points. When a map has many points and not many enemies you can collect points really easy.


Green Spiky dots in

the green spiky dots in agario

The spiky dots (looking like suns) are everywhere in the maps and they have a really good purpose. When you're small and some big guys are after you. Just stop under the spiky dots and the bigger dots can't reach you. It's a good way to hide and wait a little for better times. The bigger cells will explode when they touch the spiky things, resulting in smaller cells.


Divided by green spiky dots/cells

When you've been divided by the green dots after a while you'll merge back together. Therefore the spiky dots are a good tactic to place an fast attack on many small dots and after that merge back together to protect yourself from the bigger dots.


Corners of the map corners of the map

The corners of the maps of are not always visible. So be careful when some bigger players are after you always keep an eye on the map to watch the corners of the map.


Wait for the bigger players to split their cell

split the cell in agar

One good tactic in to attack big players in the field is to wait to split their cell. When they do this the big cell will split into smaller cells. Usually this happens when the big cell is trying to attack someone in the field. This way you'll increase in size and he will decrease, without he being able to eat you. Bigger players usually split up because they try to place an attack on smaller and faster cells. This gives you the perfect chance to get higher on the scoring board.


Divide your cells to place an attack

Dividing your cells can be used to attack other players really fast in By dividing your cell the newly created cell will shoot out of your original cell. This creates an extra speed boost, giving you the opportunity to catch the cells you're after.


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