'AlphaBetty Saga' Tips Strategy Guide

Part 1

AlphaBetty Saga is the new game from developer King, maker of Candy Crush Saga. In AlphaBetty Saga, you need to form words with letters. By doing this you'll score points and try to complete the levels. In AlphaBetty Saga you'll have a limited amount of moves or time limit. Read the strategy tips guide below and you'll learn everything about AlphaBetty Saga.


This is part one of the AlphaBetty Saga Guide. Check out PART TWO here: GO TO GUIDE PART 2


Take your time in AlphaBetty Saga

AlphaBetty Saga take your time

AlphaBetty Saga is a typical game where you get better simply by playing a lot. It's not a problem to take the time for a level. It's smart to think a little longer about the words that you play. This way you'll discover longer words and this will gives extra points.


Don't forget the objectives in the AlphaBetty Saga levels

AlphaBetty Saga objectives

Don't forget to pay attention to the goals of the level which you are playing. AlphaBetty Saga contains many levels and the further you get the more different game modes there will be in AlphaBetty Saga. If you focus on the type of level you're playing you achieve higher scores and you will complete the level much faster.


Strategy Tip: Do not choose the suggested words.

For many beginners, it's very tempting to play the suggested words in playing field of AlphaBetty Saga. However many time there are better possibilities hidden in the playing field. Often the suggested words give you less points. This way you won't get enough points with the moves you play. Only use the suggested words when you really can't find another word.


Use the AlphaBetty Saga Line Blaster Booster

AlphaBetty Saga line blaster booster

AlphaBetty Saga contains some power-ups or boosters. One of those boosters is the Line Blaster Booster. You'll get this booster when you created a word with five or more letters. This booster is really valuable because you can make many points in one move. Sometimes it's good to save some boosters to try to combine them in one move and even get more points. The last letter of the made word will turn into the Line Blaster booster. The Line Blaster Booster shows two arrows, this shows the way the line blaster will go when it's being used.

There are three different Line Blasters Boosters. The more letters you combine in one move the better the Line Blaster will be in AlphaBetty Saga.

- Line Blaster Booster 2: Receive when combine five letter word.

- Line Blaster Booster 3: Receive when combine six letter word.

- Line Blaster Booster 4: Receive when combine seven letter word or more.


The game modes in AlphaBetty Saga

Just like the processors of AlphaBetty Saga this game has some different game modes a.k.a. level challenges. Below here the explanation of the different game modes.


Scoring mode:

This challenge is pretty common. Just try to get as many points as you can by creating long words. Using the crowns and Line Blaster is a good extra in this mode. Try to get the target score and you'll advance to the next level.


Cheese mode:

In this mode the cheese tiles are the obstacles. Make words to remove the obstacles and collect the required amount of cheese tiles.


Bubble mode:

Get the letters out of the bubbles. Pop the required amount of bubbles and you'll advance to the next level.


Word mode:

In this level mode in AlphaBetty Saga:, the challenge is different in every level. Most of the times you've to create a word which has five letters. When you've reached the objectives you'll advance to the next level.


Grow mode:

In this mode you'll have to use the cheese parts to spread around the board.




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