Blossom Blast Saga Tips Guide

Blossom Blast Saga is the really popular new game release from KING. And that’s why we’ve come up with the best tips, hints and tricks in this Blossom Blast Saga Tips Guide.

The latest release by KING is the newest chapter in the ‘match three or more things together and get points’ genre. Some elements of Blossom Blast Saga are a little different than his predecessors. Tipsandtricksfor will show you the methods in this tips guide to reach high scores and get to the next level. There are also some new elements in blossom blast saga, for example the pots, water bucket and the new type of blossom (before candies).

Tip: Get rid of the obstacles first

The obstacles in Blossom Blast Saga can be really annoying. For example the bloom pot in Blossom Blast Saga. Try to get rid of the obstacles first before you focus on finishing the objectives. When the pots cleared there´s more space to make combinations.

Obstacles in Blossom Blast Saga

Blossom Blast Saga - how to deal with obstacles - tips guide

Bloom Pot:

Flower pots mostly in the middle of the field. Make a combination next to the pot and the pot will break a little. Hit the pot three times and it will be cleared.


Weeds are the ugly flowers in the game. Make one combination next to a weed and it will be gone.



The moles look very nice but they aren’t. When hitting a mole it will create a hole in the box the mole was located in. After that it can’t be use for flowers anymore.



Glass is an obstacle covering the blossom. Make three moves next to a glass plate and the blossom will be free.

Shovel Booster in Blossom Blast Saga

When receiving the shovel booster it can be used to get rid of the weeds, glass and even flowers. Use it wisely.

Tip: Pay attention to the level objectives

Blossom Blast Saga - check the objectives before playing - tips guide

Blossom Blast Saga has a few different level types (high scores, clear flowers). Pay attention to the level objectives given to you at the start of the level. This will help you focus on clearing the level in one try.

Make long combinations in Blossom Blast Saga

The longer the combination of blossom/flowers is, the bigger the explosion will be at the end. The explosion get rid of many surrounding blossom in the playing field. Keep in mind which way you start the combination to. The last flower in the combination will be the one who changes to a bigger flower and explodes (clearing surrounding flowers). So when there are some obstacles to be cleared or there’s a difficult part of the playing field you want to get rid of; End the combination next to those parts of the playing field.

Create space for your blossom moves

In some levels of blossom saga blast there’s not much space for combinations. many times because of the pots or weeds in the field. Creating space for combinations is really important, because it will increase your score a lot and gives more space for other objectives.

Tip: Breaking the glass

In some levels you’ll have to get rid of the glass before you can combine the blossom below. Don’t wait too long with breaking the glass because it can be really hard to make multiple moves in a row next to the glass. Try to focus on the combinations next to the glass first before playing the rest of the field. Make three combinations next to the glass and it will be completely removed.

Make combination at the bottom

When there are no special objectives in a level try to play at the bottom of the field. This way there will a lot of changes in the field of blossom blast saga. Creating a lot of new possible moves.


We hope you’ve enjoying reading this Blossom Blast Saga Tips Guide.


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