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Extra Time Booster Candy Crush Saga

Extra Time Booster

After level 26 in Candy Crush Saga use the Extra Time Booster in Candy Crush Saga. If you're having problems completing the level you can use the booster and it will give you 15 seconds extra. The Exta Time Booster is a very good way to beat levels who are really hard. For example the time levels or Ingredients levels. Only use the extra time booster when it's an emergency.

Candy Crush Sweet Teeth Booster

Sweet Teeth Booster

The Sweet Teeth Booster in Candy Crush Saga will eat its way through any candy, blockers or bombs that lie in its path. It will only eat one layer so be careful how you use it.

This booster can be bought on Facebook for 99 credits and you can use the booster three times.

Bomb Cooler Booster

Shuffle Candy

After the 30th level you'll be able to use the Shuffle Candy Booster in Candy Crush Saga. When you use the booster it will shuffle the candy in Candy Crush Saga. It's a great way to create new moves, and a good strategy when you're stuck. Due to the shuffled candy mostly there will be a lot of automatic moves completed. It's a good way to reach a really high score.

Striped and Wrapped Booster

Striped and Wrapped Booster

After the 34th level use the Striped and Wrapped Booster in Candy Crush Saga. You will get a striped candy and a wrapped candy at the start of the level.

Bomb Cooler Booster

Bomb Cooler Booster

After the 98th level the Bomb Cooler Booster becomes available.

The booster will add five points to each visible bomb. Very nice to use when the level is nearly completed.

candy crush The Charm of Life Booster

The Charm of Life

The Charm of Life Booster in Candy Crush Saga. This booster adds three lives to the level you're playing. Be careful when to use this booster, because this booster is very good to use. A tip would be; first check the level you're playing, and when it doesn't look that hard, don't use this booster. Better save it for a difficult level.

candy crush The Striped Booster

The Striped Booster

The Striped Booster in Candy Crush Saga. This booster gives you a Striped Candy at the start of the level. Very good to use to reach the next level.

Same story with this booster, be careful when to use this. For some levels it's not very smart to use a striped candy, so first check the level and the achievements you need to earn.

candy crush Mystery Candy Booster

Mystery Candy Booster

In level 130 you can unlock the Mystery Candy Booster. Recognize this Booster by it's pink color. This booster puts an icon with an question mark to the board. Play this 'mystery' icon and you'll receive a helpful candy or tool for the level.

candy crush Bubblegum Troll Booster

Bubblegum Troll Booster

In level 156 the Bubble Gum Troll Booster will be available. Play this booster and you'll block the chocolate for five moves. It will buy you some more time to finish the level.

candy crush Restore balance Booster

Restore Balance Booster

This new booster in Candy Crush Saga only appears when you fail a level. You'll get the opportunity to buy this booster after failing. This boosters freezes the Moon for 5 moves so the Oldus will not fall.

candy crush Moon Struck Booster

Moon Struck Booster

The moon struck booster is a new booster in Candy Crush Saga. It will only appear in the Dreamworld. The Moon Struck Booster removes one colour candies for 5 moves.


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Boosters and Charms Help #2

This is part two of the Candy Crush Saga Boosters and Charms Help. We will explain everything you need to know about the boosters and charms in this popular game. For some more questions and information take a look on the other pages of this website.

On this page you will find a full explanation about the sweet teeth boosters, the shuffle candy, striped candy, the bomb cooler and many more boosters. Some of those are free and some others you need to purchase.

Read more about the Boosters and Charms here.

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