Pokémon GO Buy Accounts - Buy Rare Pokémon

Reliable Methods Buy New Account - Tranfer Rare Pokémon into your account

After the first big upgrade of Pokémon GO it's now possible to buy in-game content in Pokémon GO. There are two options of getting some extra help inside Pokémon GO. Tipsandtricksfor uses MMOGA (Rating Trustpilot: 8.5).

Method 1 is to a buy a upgraded Pokémon GO account (featured: LEVEL 25, Minimum of 10 Rare Pokémon.
Method 2 is to buy (rare) Pokémon and let them tranfers into your account.

'Pokémon GO' Buy Accounts - Buy Rare Pokémon


Method 1: Buy Pokémon GO Account

Tip: Buy Pokemon GO Accounts - Level 25 pokémon go account

This method is a reliable method MMOGA is offering. It's pretty easy. Select what kind of account you want to buy for Pokémon GO. After this you've to complete your order. Select the method you want to use to pay the order with. When all the steps are completed you're order will be activated. Wait a little and you'll receive the account information of your new account (password + email login). And you are ready to play, the account you'll receive is safe and will have the level you've selected.


- MMOGA is a world famous in-game content seller

- MMOGA: 8,5 rating on Trustpilot


Buy a Pokémon GO account features:

-Start at Level 25.
-5-15 rare Pokémon: Dragonite, Snorlax and so on. With a minimum of 2000 CP value.
-10 + Pokémon with at least 95% IVs.
-50 + different Pokémon.
-Minimum of 110 + Pokémon in your Pokédex.
-200,000 + stardust.
-Team & Ingame-Name freely selectable.
-Enough candy for Pokémon powering up or evolving.





Method 2: Buy your favorite (rare) Pokémon

Tip: Buy rare Pokemon for pokemon - transfer pokemon to your account

The second method from MMOGA is a really easy way to transfer your favorite rare Pokémon into your account. Simply select the preferred (rare) Pokémon you want to receive in your account and complete the ordering progress. After the ordering progress is completed you'll receive further information about how to complete the Pokémon transfer.


- MMOGA is a world famous in-game content seller

- MMOGA: 8,5 rating on Trustpilot

Why wait for your favorite rare Pokémon to pop up. Start collecting your complete Pokédex and use the rare Pokémon when competing in your area!



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