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Online beginner tips and tricks

We selected some killer online beginner tips for you. These are the things you need to know before you start to play the online multiplayer of Call Of Duty Ghosts. Don't be afraid the tips on this page are not only for noobs. When you're already playing COD this could be also valuable information for you. Your gameplay will improve and you'll earn more points faster.

The tips are for users of XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE, PC and PLAYSTATION 3 and PLAYSTATION 4
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COD Ghosts Multiplayer Starter Tips


#1 At the start switch weapons a lot

COD Ghosts switch weapons

When you just start playing don't play with the same weapon and type of player all the time. If you're wondering why, here is how it works. there are many bonuses and extra points available which can be easily achieved. Every weapon has his own achievements. And the more achievements you get the faster you'll achieve a higher level. So my advice is; change the weapon you're playing with every now and then. This will give you many extra points and you'll reach a higher rank fast.


#2 Use your mini map / radar

COD Ghosts use radar

The maps in COD Ghosts have become larger. This makes it harder to just run around and shoot everybody you encounter. Players will see you coming from far away and you'll be shot. A good tip is to change your battle strategy. Take your time and don't rush it too much. And keep an eye on the mini map. The mini map provides a lot of useable information about where the enemies are.


#3 Adjust your perks

COD Ghosts perks

Some perks in COD Ghosts are already well stocked. This makes it harder to adjust them just the way you want. Take some time to take a look at them all. Just like in Black Ops 2 you've 10 perk points to spend.


#4 Turn the automatic pilot off. DON'T RUN!

COD Ghosts online tips

Many people run constantly while playing. Of course running is not that bad when you're in the abandoned areas of the map. But it's not that smart when you're close to the action. While running the time to aim and shoot your weapon is a lot slower. This will cost you may kills. So skip the autopilot and start walking!


#5 Skulls on the mini map / radar

COD Ghosts skulls radar mini map

On the mini map Activision added a new feature. When a teammate is shot you'll see a skull on the mini map. And logically you can assume there's a enemy close who killed your teammate. So always keep an eye on the radar and when there is a skull nearby kill the enemy!


#6 In a battle don't reload but switch to pistol

COD Ghosts switch to pistol

My automatic reaction when I'm in a battle is to start jumping around and wait until may weapon is reloaded. A better way, in the middle of a battle with your enemy, is to switch to your pistol. It's better to have a less good weapon instead of nothing for a few seconds. My experience is that six out of ten times you'll steal a kill. When the battle is over change back to your preferred weapon and reload.