Candy Crush Friends Saga Tips & Tricks Guide

Tips & Tricks Guide Guide for Candy Crush Friends Saga

Read the Candy Crush Friends Saga Tips & Tricks Guide and improve your Friends Saga skills! Candy Crush Friends Saga is the new release from app developer KING. It’s the well-known feeling of combining candies and reaching high scores!

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Character Special Powers in Candy Crush Friends Saga

Tiffi special powers candy crush friends saga

Tiffi Special Power: Tiffi will automatically throw two jelly fish boosters in the playing field. This jelly fish boosters move towards random tiles who match color. The matched tiles will be removed from the board. This gives you a big score boost and many new combinations will be generated.

yetti special powers candy crush friends saga

Yetti Special Power: The character Yeti has a cyan candy as special power. When he releases his special power there will be added a wrapped candy booster to the playing field. The wrapped candy booster removes one line of candies in the level.

Level types in Candy Crush Friends Saga

mammoth level mode candy crush friends

Mammoths level mode: In order to find the mammoths you’ll need to get rid of the ice in this level type. You’ll see a pink silhouette under the ice and candy tiles. These are the mammoths hidden. Make combinations next to the ice in order to crush the ice! After the ice is crushed you’ll have to make one more combination with the mammoth tile in it. When you finish this last combination you’ll collect the mammoth. In the top left of the screen you’ll see how many mammoth you need to collect.

Octopus level mode candy crush friends

Octopus level mode: Most of the time the octopuses are easily to see in the levels. Mostly they’re stuck in some obstacle. You should make combinations next to these obstacles in order to release the octopus. Mostly these levels are a little more difficult because some octopuses will be stuck in between obstacles.

biscuit mode candy crush friends

Biscuit level mode: This is a new mode in Candy Crush Friends Saga. You’ll need to play the biscuit (or biscuits) down towards the chocolate line. Try to get some nice combinations next to the biscuit(s) until the complete biscuit is dipped into the chocolate.

spread the jam candy crush friends

Spread the jam level mode: In spread the jam levels you’ll need to get the jam onto the whole board. Make combinations with the candies who are in the jam tiles and the jam will spread as far as the combination reaches. At first it’s hard to start the jam spreading. After you’ve made a few combinations with the jam in it the level will get easier.

Match a Color Bomb Booster with a Striped Candy Booster.

Combine a Color Bomb Booster with a Striped Candy Booster in Candy Crush Friends Saga and you’ll be amazed what happens. The color bomb will pick the color of the candy you used in the move. All candies of the same color on the board will transform to a striped candy as well! One big explosion is the reward. Many points and a fresh new board to play on.

Make combinations with three Candies

candy crush saga tips - make combinations with 5 candies

Try to make combinations in Candy Crush Saga with at least three candies or more in one move. There are a total of 6 different candies (blue, green, red, orange, yellow and purple). Those candies are placed randomly on the board and in order to combine the candies you must drag the candies towards each other. This is only possible with candies that are next to each other. If you made a combination with three or more candies they’ll explode and you get points for it. Make a combination with four or more candies and you’ll receive a Special Candy!


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