Candy Crush Saga Level 425 Help Tips Guide

Level 425; Do I need a lot of luck, or can I complete this one?


Level 425 is a hard one. ready the tips guide down here to complete this level.


Tip 1:

Level 425 is really based on a lot of luck, but it’s still possible to get the luck on your side.


Tip 2:

Do not focus on the bombs, however they are very tempting. Just try sticking with making good combinations. You ask why? Well the extra tiles in the game, like tornados, are blocking your opportunity to play this level with a strategy. If your combinations are good enough the bombs will get dealt with eventually.


Tip 3:

You need a lot of blue candies in this level. Try to use boosters to get the minimum amount of Blue candies. Use color bombs on the blue candies and you’ll get them. Other combinations with special candies which are good are; wrapped candy with striped candy, and striped candy with color bomb.

The special candies you need are the ones who detonate a horizontal row. This way you’ll be able to get to the right side of the playfield.