Candy Crush Saga Level 854 Help Tips Guide

How to complete level 854 in Candy Crush Saga?

Here are the best tips and solutions to create Level 854 of the Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga Level 854: Solution, Tips and Tricks

Target: Achieve at least 64,000 points in just 35 moves and eliminate 32 double jelly fields.

Tips and Tricks:

1) Try to clear the UFOs as fast as possible. Make moves with more than three candies next to the licorice and popcorn. The UFO’s will create extra special candies in the field. You’ll need those special candies in order to achieve the goal. Without the boosters you’ll not complete this level within the 35 moves.

2: Eliminate popcorn in order to get more candies and receive boosters.

3: Create wrapped candies (make a move with 5 candies of the same color) on the playing field close to each other and combine them in one move. The combination of two wrapped candies is very powerful and will help you complete level 854.


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