Candy Crush Saga Tips & Tricks Guide

Candy Crush Saga Hints

Because of the huge success of the app Candy Crush Saga. We decided to make this Candy Crush Saga Tips & Tricks Guide. After reading the online tips you’ll know how the game works and how to collect many points. Read everything about special moves and special combinations in Candy Crush Saga. Tips to reach the next level very fast. Read more about the Candy Crush online tips and Candy Crush Saga Tips and Hints below here.

First check the playing field

Always check the playfield in advance to see the possible matches and moves. This way you notice which combinations are the best to play. And it’s a good way to decide where you make your first move.

Knowing which achievements you need to accomplish, you’ll save a lot of lifes and time. Preparation is the best way.

Be aware of the hints on the playing field

candy crush saga tips - hints to play better

If you’re not playing the game for a few seconds, Candy Crush Saga automatically gives you hints. You’ll see some candies flash that you could possibly combine. When the target of the level is to remove all the jelly, or play some ingredients to the bottom of the playfield it’s not wise to use the hint system.

The hints in Candy Crush Saga don’t show possible combinations, it won’t give you any extra points. This gives no guarantee to achieve the level. You’ll have to use your own brains to reach the next level.

Get rid of the chocolate as soon as possible

Chocolate in Candy Crush Saga is a real pain in the *ss. Every time when you don’t play away some a chocolate there will grow another chocolate tile. When it’s possible try to focus on making combinations next to the chocolate tiles. This way you’ll get rid of the chocolate, there won’t be any new chocolate and you’ll get a nice score.

Candy Crush Saga Playfield

In many levels it’s advisable to start playing the combinations in the bottom of the playfield. This way the combinations will move a lot of other candies. This way more new combinations will be available.

Candy Crush Saga Jelly

It’s easy to remove the jelly in Candy Crush Saga by focusing on the candies which are either covered with jelly, or candies that are close to the jelly.

This way you’ll be able to remove the most jelly filled spaces in a few moves.

Tip: Keep in mind that some boosters don’t remove the jelly. don’t be tempted to use a booster when you’re stuck in the game, first try to find another solution

Combine Striped Candy with Wrapped Candy

Like all other games, this game also has plenty of boosters. The “Boosters” help you to reach the goals. There are different types of boosters. For example “Extra Moves”, “Jellyfish” and “Lollipop Hammer”. When you unlock boosters you can still make an attempt to get to the next level.

Make combinations with three Candies

candy crush saga tips - make combinations with 5 candies

Try to make combinations in Candy Crush Saga with at least three candies or more in one move. There are a total of 6 different candies (blue, green, red, orange, yellow and purple). Those candies are placed randomly on the board and in order to combine the candies you must drag the candies towards each other. This is only possible with candies that are next to each other. If you made a combination with three or more candies they’ll explode and you get points for it. Make a combination with four or more candies and you’ll receive a Special Candy!

Make a Special Combination with five candies

candy crush saga tips - the 2 color bomb tip

It’s possible to make a combination with five candies. If successful you’ll be rewarded with a bonus candy that has a brown color with colored specks on it (color bomb booster). If you have earned this sweet bonus, you can combine it with any color candy and this will detonate all other candies with the same color. If you drag the candy into the bonus candy it will detonate with some lightning! This sweet can be very useful if you can’t make any more combinations.

Two times Striped Candy

If you have created multiple special candies in Candy Crush Saga you can combine those together. This ensures that you get a different special explosion. If you combine this with the white striped candy the explosion will not only be in a horizontally but also vertically. The explosion looks like a cross. This can be extremely useful if you want to lose the gelatin or chocolate.

Wrapped Candy with White Striped Candy

candy crush saga tips - get rid of three lines

Combine a white striped candy with a wrapped candy. Play this combination in and really big candy will rise who swaps away three rows on the playing board of Candy Crush Saga. This big candy will swap away three rows horizontally and three rows vertically. This combination is one of the combinations that removes the most candies.

Read more of the Candy Crush Saga Tips & Tricks Guide below here.

Combine Speckled Candy with White Striped Candy

candy crush saga tips - use the spotted candy

Combine a white striped candy with a speckled candy in Candy Crush Saga and all the sweets on the board with the same color as the white striped candy will also change in white striped candy. All over the board the candies explode and take a away many other candies!

Two Times Speckled Candy

candy crush saga wrapped candy booster

The spotted candy combined with two speckled candies in Candy Crush Saga. This gives you a complete blank board. Everything gets shot away. Please note that this doesn’t mean you will lose all gelatin away. But you earn many points and it’s definitely positive in some levels! This bonus is less effective on gelatin and chocolate than the other bonuses but it will give you a lot of points.


Because of the huge success of the app Candy Crush Saga. We decided to make Candy Crush Saga Tips & Tricks Guide for you. After reading the online tips you’ll know how the game works and how to collect many points. You’ll also know which is the best way to reach certain goals you need to achieve to be able to finish the level. By viewing this hints for Candy Crush Saga you’ll get much better playing the game. It’s good to know the in and outs of the game.

Candy Crush Saga was originally made as a Facebook game and just a few months later it was released for Smartphones. It’s a so called ‘match tree’ game and a famous example is Bejeweled. Many people played this game on MSN messenger when they were sending smiley’s and moving bananas. Take a look at the tips and get better.

Some say that there are 46 million people worldwide playing Candy Crush Saga on a daily basis. And because of the many options that the game provides the game has been popular for a long time now. The social media aspect adds another dimension which makes people play it more and more.

We hope this Candy Crush Saga Tips & Tricks Guide helped you, and you’ll be able to play the game better.


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