Color Switch Tips and Tricks Guide

Color Switch is a disturbing but fun game which tests your agility and endurance. Move your ball through different types of obstacles and try to reach the finish line. During the gameplay your ball will change color which makes it even more hard to finish the level. Tipsandtricksfor played Color Switch and selected the best tips and tricks in the guide below. You'll need some help for this game because, at first, Color Switch is really hard.

Color Switch Game Tips Guide


Tip: Learn to control the ball in Color Switch

color switch control tips

A nice detail of Color Switch is stand in one place without moving up or down. This feature offers the player the opportunity to move at the ideal time and avoid the obstacles in Color Switch. The first few times playing Color Switch try to practice this feature. You'll need it in the upcoming levels


Tip: Play Color Switch as much as possible

Be warned. in Color Switch you will definitely die a lot when starting playing. But the more you play the more you get to know the different obstacles and you'll manage to deal with them. At first it takes some time to get used to the tabbing of the ball and the speed of the game. At first try to check what all the different features of Color Switch do. For example the stars and color changers in Color Switch


Tip: Don't rush the gameplay in Color Switch

color switch guide - dont rush game play

Don't rush playing Color Switch. Many obstacles look easy or are tempting to rush through them. It's better to take a break every now and then and stay at one place to check out the upcoming obstacles. Because when you rush it and make a mistake, you have to redo the complete level.


Tip: Mute the audio in Color Switch

You need to be concentrated when playing Color Switch. The game has a lot of in-game sounds which doesn't work positive on your concentration. A good tip is to mute the sound of the game. You'll notice you'll be more concentrated and the levels will be easier to complete.

Tip: Switch off your Wireless or Mobile Data.

color switch guide - no internet tip

Color Switch has some in-game adds who block some parts of the screen. When you're a real die hard switch off your internet connection. The game won't load any adds anymore and you'll have more room for the game. No more parts of Color Switch playing field will be blocked.


Tip: Try to find a good tapping rhythm

Try to find a good rhythm to play the game. Basically Color Switch has two parts of gameplay. The first part is the gameplay without any obstacles. In this part it's best to tap two times per second. Seriously just try it. It works really good to plan your next move and it prevents you from taking stupid over rushed decisions.

The second part of gameplay is dealing with obstacles. This asks for a faster tabbing speed because you need to take fast decisions. Try tabbing faster (3 times per second) and keep in the same speed. It will help to deal with the obstacles in Color Switch in a good way.


Tip: Only focus on the color of the ball in Color Switch

Sometimes it's hard to focus in the game because of the many different type of obstacles and the many colors. One tip which works really well is to focus on the color of the ball only. You'll notice after a while you'll be less distracted and you'll make progress.



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