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'Diamond Digger Saga' Tips Guide

Although Diamond Digger Saga looks pretty easy at first. This app is quite complex and some levels are hard to solve.

We will provide you with some great tips to help you get passed the levels. Especially the difficult ones!

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'Diamond Digger Saga' Tips and Tricks


Different level types:

Diamond Digger Saga has three game modes. Each game mode has another objective and requires a different strategy. Take a look below here to check out the tips for every game mode.

Tip 1: Pay attention to the water

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Pay close attention to the water and make a path. This path makes it possible to flow through to the next room. Only through the water you can make a connection to the entrance that will lead to a deeper mineshaft. The water is the tricky factor in many levels. For example in the Fireflies levels. When the water is moving too fast your fireflies will disappear and it's hard to reach the high score.

Tip 2: Boosters in Diamond Digger Saga

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Like many other game you'll get some free boosters in the beginning of the game. These boosters will help you reach the next levels. Some levels you'll have to play multiple times to figure out what the best approach is to reach the highest score. This is a nice element of Diamond Digger Saga, there are always many possibilities to complete a level.

Very important: Don't spend your free (which you received when you start playing this game) boosters!! Save them for the upcoming levels who will be a lot more difficult than the first levels of Diamond Digger Saga. You'll regret it if you spend them to fast and the game will ask you to pay for the boosters.

Tip 3: Don’t fall for the gold

Diamond Digger Saga will try to make money. The gold feature in this game is a tempting way to spend your money. With the Gold bars you can buy extra lives, boosters and so on. Don't forget it's always possible to reach the next level without paying any money. Just keep on trying and you'll succeed.

Tip 4: Get lives

When you're out of lives. Once again; don't spend your money. Every 24 hours you can send a request through Facebook to ask your friends to send you lives. When you've a game addicted friend group ;) this will give you a good alternative to keep on playing the game without paying.

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