Farm Heroes Saga Tips and Tricks Guide

Farm Heroes Saga Advanced Tips and Cheats Guide

Down here the best Farm Heroes Saga Tips and Tricks Guide. After reading these tips and cheats guide you’ll know your way in the game. From using your Gold Bars the right way to using the Hero Mode. It’s all here. Good luck playing Farm Heroes Saga.

Tip 1: Preserve you’re startup Gold Bars

Farm Heroes Saga - check how many gold bars you have - tips guide

At the beginning of the Farm Heroes Saga you’ll get some free Gold Bars. The Gold Bars can be used for extras in the game and make your life a lot easier when you’re stuck in a difficult level. The temptation to try some Gold Bars and see what they do is big; but it’s better not to use them to early. The gold bars will not be refilled after using them. The only way to get new gold bars is when you buy them. So try to use the Gold bars when the levels are getting more difficult, this will save a lot of time and you won’t be sorry when you’ve already used them.

During Farm Heroes Saga the game will ask you to use your Gold Bars many times. Don’t fall for that. Only use the Gold Bars to open gates.

Tip 2: The more Hero Mode the best!

Farm Heroes Saga - the hero mode, tips guide

In Farm Heroes Saga, There’s a special ‘new’ feature, it’s called the Hero Mode. Reach Hero Mode by completing a the level and still have some moves left. In Hero Mode, it’s your job to earn a lot of extra Magic Beans. Reaching Hero Mode means you played a level very well and therefore the 3 stars (most of the time) are in the pocket.

Tip 3: Five vegetables in one move!

In Farm Heroes Saga a combination of five vegetables clears a complete row in the playfield, so this is the perfect move to reach your objectives. It will also give you a lot of vegetables you need to harvest.

A combination of four vegetables will provide you with ‘boosters’ or ‘extras’ on the board.

If you’ve played Candy Crush Saga this will be no surprise for you. The trick is to combine a minimum of three vegetables together in one move. The best way to reach a higher score is to combine a more than three vegetable in one move. Focus on combining four or five candies and try to ‘L’ and ‘T’ shapes.

Tip 4: Use beans to make levels easier!

In some level you’ll encounter your enemy ‘Rancid’. Before the level starts you’ll get the chance to make the level a little easier by investing some beans. My suggestion is; don’t invest. First try to pass the level without paying with beans. Most of the levels are not that hard and it will save you a lot of beans.

Tip 5: Get rid of the flower!

Farm Heroes Saga - how to deal with the flowers - tips guide

Some levels have flowers. Flowers are nice and beautiful most of the times, but in Farm Heroes Saga flowers are a pain in the *ss. The flowers preclude you from making the right combinations and it’s a big moves waster. So my suggestion; when you reach a level with flowers, first take care of the flowers and then continue to achieve your objectives.

Tip 6: Play the bottom

In order to keep the board moving its best to focus on the bottom of the board. Especially when starting a level and you’re not sure where to focus on. Always play the bottom rows of the playfield. This will keep the new vegetables coming in and new combinations will arise.

Tip 7: Combine vegatables/herbs with numbers

Farm Heroes Saga - getting rid of the crops - tips guide

Some vegetables have numbers on them. This means the vegetables/herbs are worth more. When your objective is to harvest vegetables/herbs, then try to focus on the crops with the numbers. You’ll reach your goal faster.

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Tip 8: Prepare for the next move

Try to plan ahead the moves you make. Some moves will look very tempting but it’s possible after that there are not many good moves left. Try to plan your moves and check what the options are after the move you’re planning.

Tip 9: Note the vegetables with numbers

In Farm Heroes Saga there are vegetables with numbers and without. Try to play as much of the vegetables with numbers. Those tiles will give you extra points. A perfect way to reach the next level.

Tip 10: Keep your objectives in mind.

Sometimes possible moves in the playfield look so tempting. The best advice is to check your objectives first. When you need to harvest a lot of apples and not that many cherries, try to focus on the bigger objective first and after that focus on the easy ones.

We hope you enjoyed reading this Farm Heroes Saga Tips and Tricks Guide.


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