Farm Heroes Saga Boosters and Multipliers Guide

Read the Farm Heroes Saga Boosters and Multipliers Guide below here. We made a list for you with all the Farm Heroes Saga Boosters and Multipliers. This list will show you what the Boosters do and how they look. Boosters are very useful to reach the objectives in a level and it’s a great way to reach a really high score. Some levels are just too hard to get passed, and with a booster it’s easier to get to the next one. Boosters can be bought in Farm Heroes Saga, but it’s better not to. Some boosters will come back after you’ve played it, it just takes some time.

Magic Shovel Booster

This boosters is useable on many objects and vegetables. this booster can be use on one item on the board. When choosing one item (for example; a vegetable) all the items of the same kind will be removed from the board. It’s also possible to use it on ice or flowers. Just give it a try.

Bonus Reward Booster

Farm Heroes Saga - +1 bonus booster - tips guide

When you apply this Booster, the complete board will get a +1 bonus. So when you’re in need for more points apply this booster. It will give your score a great boost.

Tractor Booster

Farm Heroes Saga - how to use the tractor booster - tips guide

The tractor booster is a funny one, and it’s really useful. This booster will delete a compete horizontal row by driving over it. On the background of your game you’ll see a tractor, well this is the one. The vegetables you need will be recovered.

Colour Collector Booster

Farm Heroes Saga - the booster color collector - tips guide

The color collecter Booster will collect all vegetables of one sort which you chose.

This booster is of great help when you’re in lack of time or when you can’t reach a specific vegetable.

Egg Cracker Booster

Farm Heroes Saga - using the egg crusher - tips guide

The egg cracker Booster gives you the opportunity to turn ‘closed’ eggs into cracked eggs. Further in the game the ‘nested’ alligator eggs will convert to normal alligator eggs.

Super Fruit Booster

Farm Heroes Saga - playing the super fruit booster - tips guide

The super fruit booster will remove an area of three by three boxes off the playfield. A nice extra of this booster is the extra 2 points you’ll receive for vegetables you needed to collect.

Clean-Up Booster

This booster turns all the sad vegetables in to normal vegetables.


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