Farm Heroes Super Saga - Booster Guide

The Boosters for Farm Heroes Super Saga explained

Read everything you need to know about the Farm Heroes Super Saga boosters. With shovel, bucket and water boosters. This game is very adventures and has many extra features!

Farm Heroes Super Saga Boosters info


Watering Can Booster: (after level 15)

watering can Clove Booster

This booster can be used to make a super cropsie in the level you're playing in.


Gardening Clove Booster: (after level 20)

Gardening Clove Booster

The Gardening Clove Booster can be used to collect a cropsie of your own choice. This booster can also be used to make a flower grow faster.



Bucket or Water Bucket Booster: (after level 35)

farm heroes saga water bucket booster

This booster creates 4 water cropsies on random spots in the level. You've to make combinations next to the buckets to fill them.



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