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'FIFA FUT 15' Starting Tips

Below here some tips you should know when you're starting to play FIFA FUT 15. These tips will you help to get some coins and packs with players. Also we will explain some new features in FUT 15. Read this section and know how to find your way when you're starting to play FUT 15. Good luck!


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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Starting Tips

Loan Players

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In FUT 15 it's now possible to loan players. When you start to play FUT 15 you'll get one loan player for free. Test players who you think could be valuable for your team. Or use a extra player when you're playing a final. I think this is the perfect chance to test players. Sometimes a player is really expensive and you don't know if the player fits in your team. By loaning this player for a low price you can test it.

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New 'PHY' attribute.

In FIFA 15 there is a new attribute. it's the six attribute FIFA added. The 'PHY' attribute stands for the physical strength of the player. Pay attention to this attribute and you'll have a strong team who's able to win duels. Also these players won't get tired really fast.

FIFA FUT 15 Legends.

FIFA added a lot of legends to FUT. It's really nice to play with the old stars and build a good team with them. Only on XBOX.

Concept Squads

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The new feature Concept Squads is a tool which gives you the opportunity to plan which players you want to have. It's a powerful tool to plan which teams and players you need to win future matches and tournaments. And to see how the chemistry is between the players. For example when you need a team with a lot of pace you can search the whole player database and select the players you need. Now you only need the money to buy them. You can also share your team with friends, and comment on their squads.

The first weeks of FUT 15

During the first weeks of FIFA 15 FUT many new people will be online. Everybody is checking out the players and what is what. Many new users means many cheap players. New users won't know how much a player is worth. So take your shot and look for your favorite players and get them for a cheap price.

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