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'FIFA 15' What do we know about this game!

FIFA 15 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 23 in North America and September 25 in Europe.

Below here we will inform you about what we know about FIFA 15.

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'FIFA 15' new features and adjustments



The game speed in FIFA 15;

An amazing change in FIFA 15 is the speed of the game. The game is much faster than the recent predecessors. The ball can be shot a lot faster in FIFA 15 and because of that the gameplay gets an extra dimension

FIFA 15's slogan: Feel the game

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FIFA 15 is faster, has better visuals and the gameplay is improved. The FIFA 15 slogan states it; 'Feel the game' means play with your emotion. One of the elements that makes this is the emotion of the players themselves. Players will remember events in a match and thereby give a certain response. Players will get angry after missing some chances. So now more poker faces in the replays like in the previous FIFA games. The players now show their emotions. Also the supporters will show more emotion and they will celebrate or be disappointed.

Improved graphics in FIFA 15

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Obviously FIFA 15 will graphically be a big step forward. For example, the audience and the players look better than ever. Also the number of animations increased. corner flags, billboards and the goal is provided with better animations. The traces generated during a football game, for example by a tackle, will be clearly visible in the field.

Finally EA SPORTS did something about the oldschool fans. The fans are now more real life. Sometimes they cheer that loud you won't hear the commentator. When a goal is scored the crowd cheers and the camera vibrates. It's a really nice feature which gives you a better game experience.

Man-on-man duels

The system of FIFA 14 has been further improved in FIFA 15. The man-on-man duels are more realistic and will be more believable. There is more attention to physical strength of players and is an important role in winning or losing the ball.

Emotional intelligence

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Another important change is the emotional intelligence. Players on the field will be better able to recognize what is happening in the field and try to anticipate. There the offensive or defensive type of player has also been worked on. So it's important which players you use for example against a strong opponent. Some players will buy time in the last minute and other players will try to make another goal.

Header sprees

Everybody who played FIFA 14 knows that header goals were pretty easy. The smallest player would beat the best defender in the air. In FIFA 15 the, most of the times impossible, header goals won't work anymore. FIFA refined the duels and the passes won't end up at the attackers head all the time.

When we have more information about FIFA 15 we will update our pages. So keep on checking this page and good lucking playing FIFA 15 when it's released.

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