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'FIFA 16' Gameplay Tips & Changes Guide

FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips Guide, What works and what doesn't in FIFA 16.

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FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips & Changes Guide. Featuring the new gameplay changes, tips how to play, controller instructions. Learn what works and what doesn't in FIFA 16.

In this FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips Guide you'll read about all the changes in the gameplay in FIFA 16. The graphics look almost the same but the gameplay has changed a lot. Passing is now a lot harder, high through balls don't work anymore, keepers spill balls and so on.

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FIFA 16 Gameplay Guide


FIFA 16: No more Pace Abuse

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In FIFA 16 the pace is no leading factor anymore. In the previous game it was really easy to sprint passed slow defenders. In FIFA 16 the pace is still present but not easy to abuse. You now have to fight the defenders off and have to be smart how you use the pace. It's not working anymore to just hold sprint and run passed everyone. At first it looks like the (more faster) striker is just as fast as the slow defender. But ones you get to know how it works it's a good fight over who will win the ball.

High Crosses in FIFA 16.

The high crosses and especially the high through ball are not that effective anymore. Defenders now give away less space and it's gotten more difficult. It's just so difficult to give a good high through ball. Better play low through passes and try to play on the flanks. This seems to work pretty good.


Defending in FIFA 16.

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The most important change in defending on FIFA 16 is the B button (Xbox) or Circle (Playstation). Be careful when pressing this button in the penalty area. In FIFA 16 players go down really easy and almost every time you'll get a penalty against. It's really annoying, but when you get used to it, defending your opponent is doable. On the other side when attacking, try to do a trick and get close to a defender. Often you'll get a penalty.


Personal Duels in FIFA 16.

In FIFA 16 players the gameplay is more active than before. When you're trying to get passed a defender he will push you and try to win the ball. When running next to the attacker use the controls (B XBOX, Circle Playstation) and steer left or right to push him away from the ball.


Cancel Defending Tackle.

In FIFA 16 it is now possible to cancel a tackle. In the previous game it took really long to get up after making a tackle. In FIFA 16 it's possible to stop the tackle and start chasing the attacker. Press square Playstation, or X on XBOX to stand up fast. Also use the fake tackle, tab X fast on Playstation or A on XBOX.

Keepers Spill the Ball

fifa 16 keepers

The keepers in FIFA 16 aren't that good in catching the ball anymore. When shooting from a distance the keeper often spills the ball and the ball bounces back in the game. Don't wait for the shot to go in, select the nearest player to the keeper and anticipate on the keeper spilling the ball.


The Chip Shot is back in FIFA 16

Chip shots were really difficult in the previous game. In FIFA 16 chip shots are back. It's a lot easier to chip the goalkeeper.


Clearing The Ball When Defending

The balance of the defenders is now more important in FIFA 16. The gameplay has really changed. Especially when clearing the ball with a defender. Normally you just pressed shoot or high pass and the ball was gone. In FIFA 16 when the player is facing his own goal or is out of balance the player has no power. The ball won't be cleared with power. Try to clear the ball by aiming correctly and take the time to shoot.

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