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'FIFA 16' Official Trailers and Release Date


FIFA 16 Update: FIFA 16 pre-order now for your favorite platform

The more popular FIFA games are getting the earlier it's possible to pre-order FIFA. This year many websites are really early. FIFA 16 is already available for pre-ordering on many websites.

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"FIFA 16 Official Release Date: September 26, 2015"



FIFA 16 Official Trailer

Watch the latest trailer for FIFA 16. The game looks very good. FIFA continues to pick up where they left off, apply the latest techniques and continue to refine the gameplay. Stay tuned for more trailers. When more trailers are released you'll see them first here.


FIFA 16 News update: Women National teams available in FIFA 16

Check out the newest feature of FIFA 16. The start of women's football in the game. This really great that EA Sports takes this step.


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