FIFA 17 FUT Transfer Market Tips Guide

'FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Guide'

‘FIFA 17’ Ultimate Team Transfer Market Tips Guide. The best guide to learn about Ultimate Team 17. Read about tricks to earn coins and get the best players for the best price.

Ultimate Team 17 Trading Tips Guide. FUT 17 Tips, Tricks and Farming, Sniping, Coin Making Guide to improve your FIFA FUT 17 skills. Earn easy coins.

Premier League Defender Trading Method

This is one of the most effective methods in FUT 17 to earn easy coins. You don’t even need to play matches and the coins will be flying into your account.

With the new players who are now playing in the Premier League (Ibrahimovic, Pogba) this league is even more popular compared to FUT 16. Everybody wants to build an Premier League squad in FUT 17. The defender method is a good way to earn coins in FIFA FUT 17.

– Open Transfer Market,
– Select Quality: Gold.
– Position: Defenders.
– Select League: Premier League.
– Set Buy Now: 400 or 450 (Depends on the price ranges in FUT 17 and the device you’re using. In the beginning the prices can be higher because of the popularity of the players).
– Press Search.

Some players will pop up in the search results. Buy those players instantly! When there are no players for sale, repeat your search again. When this method does not work, raise the buy now price until some players popup.

CALCIO A Defender Coin Method

After you got a list of 5 to 10 players you’re going to sell the players. Put the players on the transfer market for a higher BUY NOW price. Set the buy now price a few hundred coins higher. You’ll see the players sell easily within one hour.

Repeat this method with dozens of players and you’ll earn thousands of coins within a few hours!

The best FUT Coin sites

Tipsandtricksfor tested some well known websites who are selling FUT 17 coins. We tested the following factors: Delivery time, pricing, paying methods and reliability. Below here the best Ultimate Team coin sellers.


Easy Coins: Silver Players Method

This method is not one a famous one but it will give you guaranteed profit. Most players only focus on gold players but many silver player have some value as well. Read the guide to earn coins in FUT 17 down here.

Method 1: Buy Now Price:
– Open Transfer Market,
– Select Quality: Silver.
– Set Buy Now Price: 200 or 250 (Depends on the price ranges in FUT 17 and the device you’re using. In the beginning the prices can be higher because of the popularity of the players).
– Press Search.

After you’ve pressed search many players will show up in the search results.

Buy the players who match the criteria’s described. Buy a minimum of 10 players to maximize your profit. After you’ve bought the players you’re going to sell the players. Some players are worth pretty much. Do some research which players are worth some more than a normal buy now price. The silver other players can easily be sold for a few hundred coins more on the transfer market.

Method 2: Max price:
– Open Transfer Market,
– Select Quality: Silver.
– Set Max Price: 250 or 300 coins (Depends on the price ranges in FUT 17 and the device you’re using. In the beginning the prices can be higher because of the popularity of the players).
– Press Search.

This method is almost the same as method one but works a little different.

– Search the rare silver players with rare qualities. For example high pace: Above 85, or Good average stats: All stats are a little above average.
– Search players from the biggest leagues, like: Premier League, Ligue 1 or the Serie A.

Bid on the players who match the criteria described above. DO NOT use the buy now button with this method. Bid on every player with good stats and wait for the transfer time to finish. Many good silver players will be yours and some will be outbid.

Some players are worth pretty much. Do some research which players are worth some more than a normal buy now price. The silver other players can easily be sold for a few hundred coins more on the transfer market.

Lowest Rated Players

1. Lowest Rated Player in FUT 17

Atkinson (Luton Town) is officially the lowest rated player in FUT 17! There are just a few players with a 45 rating. But Atkinson is the one with the lowest pace. So let’s just say he’s the worst rated player card in FIFA 17. You think he’s not worth much? You’re wrong! Lowest rated player cards are very popular. Most of the times low rated players are used to lower the average team rating.

2. Snipe Lowest Rated Players in FUT 17

It’s true, the lowest rated cards in FUT 17 are worth a good amount of coins. Try to snipe some of the low rated cards. Many FUT players don’t know these players are pretty popular. Some ‘hardcore’ FUT players use the lowest rated players to lower the average team rating when playing games.


– 45 Daniel Devine CM | Bradford City | EFL League One
– 45 Max Wright RW | Grimsby Town | EFL League Two
– 45 Josh Venney CM | Grimsby Town | EFL League Two
– 45 Harry Clifton CM | Grimsby Town | EFL League Two
– 45 Alex Atkinson CAM | Luton Town | EFL League Two

Methods to buy FIFA Coins

Buying FIFA coins is a tricky method. Not everybody likes this method. The websites tested have come up with some reliable methods to help you get your FUT account to a next level.

For more information check the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Coins guide/reviews . Most FIFA coins websites use the methods described below.


Method 1: Player auction:

Select a player in FUT 17 from your club, select the selling price, select the details on the coin selling website and receive the coins. Fast transaction! Use this method > >


Method 2: Buy a FUT 17 account with FIFA Coins or FIFA Points:

Buy an Ultimate Team 17 account and receive the account details. Log in and you’re able to play! Use this method > >


Method 3: Comfort Trade:

Select your FUT account details and follow the steps on the coin selling website. Complete the deal and sign out. After a few minutes your account will be recharged with the coins! (safe method). Use this method > >


Play the Offline Draft – Earn Tradable Items!

When you’re playing the FUT Draft you’ll notice the online draft is pretty difficult. During the season FUT players are getting better and better. A good solution to earn packs and test your pack luck in Ultimate Team 17 is to play the Offline Draft. Don’t be surprised but the packs you’re earning in the offline draft are pretty good and are saleable!

The EA SPORTS 5% tax on transfers

On every sale and buy you make EA charges 5% tax. With a small transfer it’s not a big deal but with bigger transfers it’s important to keep in mind this 5% is also charged. For example when you buy some player card for 4500 and you sell the player for 4600. It looks like you’ve made profit but in fact you lose 125 coins.

Do not sell useless players – SBC

Because of the new Squad Building Challenges feature it’s advisable to adjust your strategy concerning quick selling useless players. Because of the Squad building challenges in FUT 17 it’s now very important to safe players you’re not going use anymore. For example: Last week I sold 5 silver South Korean players for 3000 coins a piece. Why? Because there was a squad building challenge with the reward of a special rare Korean card. In return you should exchange a South Korean team. The prices raised enormously.

Tip: Every week there are new Squid building challenges. Check which leagues are active and see what you’ve left in your club. Use the compare price button to get a quick look which player cards are valuable.


Trading with managers is a good way to earn some good coins. Managers from the big leagues will always sell! And the best thing is; most FUT players do not think about checking what a managers is worth. Try to search for the managers with rare cards in the big leagues. Buy them and sell them with some profit on the transfer market.

The best managers to trade with in FIFA FUT 17:
– Zidane
– Diego Simeone
– Jurgen Klopp

The Bronze Pack Method

When you’re just starting to play FUT 17 it’s good to use the Bronze Pack Method. Just open some bronze packs of 750 coins (400 coins pack is also possible) and easily make profit out of it. Mostly because you’ll be hitting consumables who are worth more (like squad fitness cards and healing cards).Also check the players you get in the packs. With the SBC most bronze cards sell for a few hundred coins. Sell those items on the market and start building up your coins. Also a good way to use this method for the squad building challenges in FUT 17.

Transfer Price Ranges

In the previous Ultimate Team editions there were some strict price ranges. For example you can not sell some players for more than 5000 coins. In FUT 17 the price ranges are a less strict so there is some more room to earn more coins buy trading with player cards.

Chemistry – ins and outs

Tipsandtricksfor put together a chemistry guide for Fifa Ultimate Team 17. The rules are the same as FUT 16, read the guide.

The One Hour Transfer Window

The best players to snipe/buy are not on the first pages of the transfer market in FUT 17. The best players are in the last ten minutes of the one hour transfer window.

Select the player or item you want to buy and forward until you’ve reached the 50th/55th minute. Start looking for the cheapest cards. This method will save you a lot of coins!

Do not Rage Quit!

It’s true, FIFA can be really frustrating sometimes. But we have to be honest. All those rage quits are only giving you a bad coin balance. Firstly you’ll not receive coins for the match you’ve just quit. And secondly you’re average amount of coins bonus will go down buy quitting a lot. And thirdly a game isn’t over until it’s over. Try to score some goals and receive some good coins although you didn’t win.

Offline Tournaments

It’s not everybody’s favorite but it works really well to earn many packs and coins. Check on a regularly basis which offline tournaments are active. Sometimes it will only take a hour and the price will be very good. Do not doubt and just play the tournament. Items from offline tournaments are not sellable.


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