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In previous FUT series it was possible to earn a free (non-sellable) gold pack when completing some basic steps. In the new Ultimate Team EA added some new challenges. The new challenges are called Squad Building Challenges. For every player level (basic, advanced) there are different challenges. Complete the challenges and earn in-game rewards. The squad challenges will be renewed and updated during the year.

The squid building challenges are the best way to get rid of worthless players from your club. Most of the squad building challenges consist of making squads with players and get rewards in return of it. The players you're using in those challenges are gone forever after you've submitted the squad. It's advisable to select the players you're not using anymore. And double check the squad before submitting it, it would be a shame to lose one of your best players. Secondly it's important to think about the reward you'll receive for making a squad. Some challenges you'll have to complete have some criteria which make it hard to earn it all back with the packs you'll be receiving

Youtube channel: Premier League Defender Trading Method


fifa 17 the new legends

Like every year, some new FUT legends will be added to Ultimate Team. Like every year this is only for the Xbox users.

The new FUT 17 Legends are:
Marc Overmars, Paul Scholes, Jamie Carragher, Alessandro Del Piero, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Carles Puyol, Juan Sebastián Verón, Emmanuel Petit, Rio Ferdinand, and Luis Hernández.


CALCIO A Defender Coin Method



It's now possible to download your FUT 17 squad to a console of your choice. So when you're playing at a friend's place you can now download you favorite squad and use it to play against your friends. Very nice new feature, because you're now able to use your squad wherever you are.










Players with new clubs in FUT 17

Players with new clubs in FUT 17

Many players moved to new clubs during the summer. You'll see that the popular players who moved to a, most of the time, better competition are worth more in FUT 17. Try to find out which of those players are the best to trade with.



Chemistry and Substitutes in FUT 17

Just like in the previous FIFA editions chemistry is really important. Connected the right players is a good way to get your team playing the best way possible. It's important to know that the substitute players do not affect the chemistry level. So when you're playing a special tournament or some players need some rest. Do not hesitate to put them on the bench. First try to win with starting eleven. It would be a waste of your substitutes to change a player at the starting of a match. When you notice it's not working out with the team you're using, use your star players!



FUT 17 Chemistry Tips - ins and outs

Tipsandtricksfor put together a chemistry guide for Fifa Ultimate Team 17. The rules are the same as FUT 16, read the guide.


Use LF and RF when playing the draft.

When you're playing a draft use the formations with the LF (left forward) and RF (right forward) and LW (Left Wing) / RW (Right Wing) positions. You'll have the best chance of getting Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi and so on. This will give you a better draft score because of the good players and you'll be able to use the best players in the game!


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