Six new Icons revealed for FIFA FUT 19

FIFA 19 News update: Six new Icons revealed for FIFA FUT 19

End of September the new FIFA 19 game will be released! Just like last year there are some new ICONS who will be added to the game. Every now and then EA releases some new names of the best players out of the football history. The last new icons who will be added to FIFA FUT 19 are pretty cool!


6 new icons added to FIFA FUT 19


6 new ICONS in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

EA Sports announced that some new Icons will be added to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. The names are:  Rivaldo, Johan Cruyff, Eusebio, Steven Gerrard, Raul and Frank Lampard . Those are pretty big names to the next edition of FIFA.

It is quite possible that EA Sports will soon add some new names to the ICON mania.


Finally Johan Cruyff is available as an ICON in FIFA 19

The iconic footballer Johan Cruyff who played for Ajax, FC Barcelona and many more clubs finally is available in FIFA 19. A few years ago sadly Johan Cruyff passed away, but his legacy lives on in FIFA 19. Cruyff will be available in the Ultimate Team. Would be pretty sick to pack him or pull him in one of the FIFA 19 Draft matches.

The rating of the player card Johan Cruyff has an overall 94 rating! So he enters FIFA 19 with a big bang getting ready to take on the other amazing icons.