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Draft Token Trick - FUT 16

fifa 16 draft the token

The first time you play FUT, you get a free draft token. Use it in the single player or online draft. Without a token you have to pay 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points. When you're new to the Draft. Starting Draft Tip: Try the offline draft first.

Choose a difficulty level where you feel you have a good chance to win four consecutive matches. Watch out, the games become increasingly difficult and the final match is much more difficult than the first. The best prices are handed out at the end, so do not be overconfident and do not make it hard on yourself.

Choose a formation. Play it safe again, choose not use a obscure formation, but go for a reliable standard. A 4-3-3 example gives a good chance that your star players fully come into their own.

When opening packs it's possible to get a Free Draft Token pack. It's very big prize to get in a pack, because it's worth 15.000 coins!

FUT Draft Tip: Pick a formation with LW / RW or RF / LF or both!

fifa 16 transfered player cards

Everybody wants to have the best players in their draft. The best players in Ultimate team are mostly strikers and ,attacking, midfielders. To be sure of getting the best players in the Draft always try to choose the formation with the best positions. For example Ronaldo (LW or LF) and Messi RW or RF). So be sure to select the right formation and get the best chemistry and the right players on the right positions.



After selecting attackers, select the subs.

fifa 16 playing the offline draft

In the Draft selecting the right players can be really difficult because you've some choices to make. You've to notice the chemistry, the leagues, positions and so on. Most Draft players start by selecting the attackers positions. This is a good starting point. Tip: After selecting the attackers it's best to do the choose players for the bench/subs positions. This way you have some back-up players and you'll know what kind of team you want to be making. Using this tip really simplifies the choices you've to make.



Chemistry is important but not leading.

fifa 16 the chemistry in the draft

One of the most subjects most spoken of in FUT 16 is chemistry. Do you need the highest chemistry or choose the highest rated players in the draft? Many tests have been done and the result is; chemistry is not the most important feature in the draft. Try to finish the squad above 70 chemistry and you should be fine. One thing which really helps is having the attackers on high chemistry. You'll notice the finishing and passing will go smoother.



Make substitutes during the game

One bug in the FUT 16 Draft are making substations during matches. It doesn't affect the chemistry at all. So when you're not sure if you should start with the best players but with low chemistry, just save the good players and make the substitutions during the match. Extra FUT Draft tip: Don't make the substitutions instantly, first try the team you're already playing with. It's not the smartest move to use up all of your substitutions at the beginning of a game. You may need the extra players at the end of the match.



The bench positions in the Draft

9 times out of 10 these are the positions you draw when selecting the bench in the Draft.
first position = goalkeeper
second and third position = defender
four and five = midfielder
six and seven = attacker



Wait longer for special cards.

fifa 16 special cards in fut draft

Almost everyone starts selecting the attacking positions. This is ok but you should notice there will be many options to get the best player cards. For example the normal Ronaldo card pops up. You'll be tempted to choose this card. Think about the choices you make, because there are a lot of special cards of Ronaldo which are much better than the normal one.



Play the Offline Draft in FUT 16 - Earn Tradable Items!

fifa 16 playing the offline draft - earn tradable prizes

Many FUT players don't know this but playing the offline draft is a good way to get good packs and earn coins. Just like the online draft you'll have to use Fifa points or 15.000 Fifa coins. Select your difficulty and play. It's important to select a difficulty which guarantees you to reach the final. Winning or losing the final will give you the best packs. Most of the times the packs you get have a value around 25.000 to 35.000 thousand coins. And the items you receive are all tradable. So when pulling a good players or pulling some good items you're on guaranteed profit.






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FUT 16 The Ultimate Draft Tips Guide

FUT 16 Draft Tips Guide. Featuring Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Draft skills!

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FIFA Ultimate Team Draft is the newest mode in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Survive four knock-out rounds and win the Draft. The further you get the better the packs / prizes you'll receive. Read the Fifa Fut Draft Guide down here and get to know everything about this new Ultimate Team feature.

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