FIFA FUT 19 News & Updates

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team News and Updates

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FIFA 19 Ultimate team is coming soon: What new features, teams, game modes, icons and players can we expect?

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The new edition of the most popular football game in the world, FIFA 19, promises to be an improvement over last season, especially now that the Champions League is being added.

FIFA 19 NEWS: List of all confirmed icons in FIFA FUT 19

icons guide for fifa 19 fut

In the following list we show you all confirmed FUT icons and their ratings in FIFA 19. The good thing about the new FIFA 19 ICON player cards is that some legend players from a decade ago are added to the game.


FIFA 19 NEWS: New FIFA FUT 19 ICONS + ratings revealed

george best fifa fut19 icon

We selected the all the new FUT 19 ICONS for you. And also the three versions of the ICON player cards with ratings. Check out the basic ratings and the upgraded versions of these FUT 19 ICONS.


Six new Icons revealed for FIFA FUT 19

6 new icons added to FIFA FUT 19

EA Sports announced that some new Icons will be added to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. The names are:  Rivaldo, Johan Cruyff, Eusebio, Steven Gerrard, Raul and Frank Lampard . Those are pretty big names to the next edition of FIFA.


FIFA 19 News update: Chinese Football Association Super League is coming to FIFA 19

The Polish FIFA commentator Dariusz Szpakowski has revealed that the Chinese Football Association Super League has also been added to FIFA 19.



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