FIFA FUT 20 Sniping Players Tips Guide

'FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Sniping Methods and Search Filters'

Welcome to the FIFA FUT 20 Sniping Players Tips Guide. Learn everything about the best ways to snipe players.

Which player cards are ideal to snipe and make benefit with in FIFA FUT 20? Everything considered, we made this FIFA FUT 20 Sniping Players Tips Guide for you to make benefit. Among the tips is a rundown of FUT 20 snipe filters and player cards who are definitely not hard to snipe. We will also explain why 83 rated and higher rated players are important to snipe and sell at the right moment in FUT 20. Read our tips guide on this page and start sniping players and earn many coins.

The best Search snipe filters for players cards in FIFA FUT 20

Fifa fut 20 sniping players

Check out the best search snipe filters for player cards in FUT 20. Also read our guide how to use those filters. For example it’s important to do some quick research before you start sniping players, because player prices are changing all the time. Sometimes it’s best to wait until prices are getting lower.

Search Filter 1: Quality: Gold. Position: RB. League: Premier League. Purchase buy now: 500/650.


Search Filter 2: Quality: Gold. Position: CB. League: Serie A. Purchase buy now: 500/600.


Search Filter 3: Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Country: Argentina. Purchase cost: 650/950.


Search Filter 4: Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Country: Brazil. Purchase cost: 1000/1500.


Search Filter 6: Quality: Gold. Country: Spain. League: Super Lig. Purchase presently value: 400/450.


Filter 7: Quality: Position: RW. League: Premier League.  value: 600/850.


Filter 9: Quality: Position: RB. League: Premier League. value: 600/850.


Filter 10: Quality: Gold, Position: CB. League: Ligue 1, Club: PSG. value: 1000/1300


Filter 11: Quality: Gold, Position: CB. League: Premier League, Club: Chelsea . value: 900/1100

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Use these steps to Snipe players in FUT 20

  • Search for the player card on the Transfer Market.
  • Search for the lowest selling price on the market.
  • Select the buy now price a few hundred or thousand coins lower than the lowest selling price.
  • Search for players.
  • Keep changing the min value field of max buy now price, when no players appear in the search result. This will force the search results to refresh.
  • Keep repeating the search and keep changing the min value field of max buy now price until you’ll see the player card.


Important: Always check the lowest price the player card is selling for. Then select the buy now price on the transfer market a bit lower than the selling price of the card. Keep hitting search on the transfer market en snipe the players who appear. Refresh your search results by changing the max buy now price (this will force a new search result).


The best player cards to trade with in FUT 20

Check out the list of players who are best to trade with in Ultimate Team. Try to get those cards for a good price by mass betting or a low buy now price. Good luck sniping!

  • João Miranda de Souza Filho
  • Mateo Kovacic
  • Presnel Kimpembe
  • Gianluigi Buffon
  • Quincy Promes
  • Eric Bailly
  • Kévin Gameiro
  • Ilkay Gündogan
  • Thiago Thiago
  • Jamie Vardy
  • Bernd Leno
  • Corentin Tolisso
  • Juan Cuadrado
  • James Rodríguez
  • Vinícius Júnior
  • Arturo Vidal
  • Joe Gomez
  • Mats Hummels
  • Nabil Fekir

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83+ Rated Players sniping in FUT 20

Many SBCs with good rewards in FIFA 20 require an player card with 83 + base score rating. This is great way to earn coins really easy. Also it’s good for your own account to have some 83 rated players in your club. You’ll be able to complete SBS’s yourself and sell the cards when the prices are high.  Sometimes during a SBC player price can triple! Do the math, you’ll make a lot of profit when you’re club is stacked with 83 and 83+ rated cards.

83+ Rated Players sniping in FUT 20

  • Snipe low-cost 83+ Players and save them for future SBC’s. Sell them when popular SBC’s are active. You’ll see the prices are higher. Or sell the sniped cards immediately with profit (but not that much).
  • Search for very 83 or higher rated cards  with bad stats. For example; a defender with terribly low pace. Nobody will use those players in their team, but they will be popular when there is an good SBC.
  • Do not snipe 83+ rated cards within the weekend or when an big SBC is active. The costs are going to be higher.
  • Do not worry! 🙂 The SBC’s where 83 rated or 83+ rated cards are needed will be active more than once. When you missed your shot, just wait for the next big SBC.

fifa fut ultimate team 20 players

When to start sniping players in Ultimate Team

Before you’ll be able to be a high roller sniping professional you would like to make sure you’ve got a decent beginning budget. A good coin balance is 10.000 to 15.000 coins. Don’t purchase packs with the coins you’ve attained. Tragically you need to get extraordinarily lucky to get any profit out of packs, therefore it’s better to use the snipe strategies and snipe filters we are giving you in this FIFA FIFA FUT 20 Sniping Players Tips Guide.


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