'FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Sniping Methods and Search Filters'

Welcome to the FIFA FUT 21 Sniping Players Tips Guide. Master everything about the most ideal approaches to snipe players.

Building your team is an important part of FUT 21 and multiple players, just like me, will spend hours on the transfer market to get the best snipes and make many coins. Be prepared with our sniping tips for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team! Among the tips is an overview of FUT 21 snipe filters and player cards who are certainly not difficult to snipe. We will likewise clarify why 83 rated and high skilled players are important to snipe and sell at the correct moment.

The best snipe filters in FIFA FUT 21

fifa fut 21 sniping players guide

Take a look at the snipe filters we´ve collected for you and make a lot of coins by buying and reselling player cards. For instance, it is critical to do some speedy exploration before you begin sniping players, since player costs are changing constantly. Sometimes it is ideal to wait until prices are sinking (for example during the week).

Search Filter 1: Quality: Gold. Position: RB. Association: Premier League. Buy for around: 500/650.


Search Filter 2: Quality: Gold. Position: CB. Alliance: Serie A. Buy for around: 500/600.


Search Filter 3: Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Nation: Argentina. Buy for around: 650/950.


Search Filter 4: Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Nation: Brazil. Buy for around: 1000/1500.


Search Filter 5: Quality: Gold. Nation: Spain. Alliance: Super Liga. Buy for around: 400/450.


Search Filter 6: Quality: Position: RW. Alliance: Premier League. Buy for around: 600/850.


Search Filter 7: Quality: Position: RB. Alliance: Premier League. Buy for around: 600/850.


Search Filter 8: Quality: Gold, Position: CB. Alliance: Ligue 1, Club: PSG. Buy for around: 1000/1300


Search Filter 9: Quality: Gold, Position: CB. Alliance: Premier League, Club: Chelsea . Buy for around: 900/1100

Follow these steps to snipe your players on the transfer market!

  • Search for a popular player card on the Transfer Market.
  • Check the lowest buy now price.
  • Search for the player, but select a lower buy now price.
  • Continue changing the min value field of max purchase currently cost, when no players show up in the results. This will refresh your search and look for new cards.

Important: Always check the lowest value the player card is selling for. At that point select the buy now pirce on the transfer market a little lower than the buy now price. Continue hitting search on and snipe the players who show up. Refresh the search results easy by changing the maximum price field before you search again.


We hope you are enjoying this FIFA FUT 21 sniping players tips guide. Continue reading the guide below here.

The best players to exchange with in FUT 21

Look at this list of players who are ideal to snipe in Ultimate Team. Attempt to get those cards at a decent cost by mass bitting on them or buy them directly through the buy now option.

83 Rated

  • Carlos Vela RW
  • Dusan Tadic CF
  • Aitor GK
  • Edin Visca RM
  • Koen Casteels GK
  • Edin Dzeko ST
  • Kevin Trapp GK
  • Lukas Hradecky GK
  • Ever Banega CM

84 Rated

  • Andre Onana GK
  • Salvatore Sirigu GK
  • Lucas Leiva CDM
  • Pizzi RM
  • Josip Ilicic CF
  • Roman Burki GK
  • Raphael Guerreiro LM
  • Oyarzabal LW
  • Marcelo Brozovic CDM
  • Rui Patricio GK

Speculate on SBCs and events FUT 21

This method is the first on our list of taking some risk. If you are sure that a certain game will be the subject of an SBC (for example a Champions League match, a derby or the next TOTW), you can purchase players from the clubs concerned in advance. If these players are needed for an SBC, the prices of the cards rise considerably and huge profits can be made. If not, the prices may fall below the purchase price. Then you still have the option to keep the cards and sell them if the market changes later.

FUT 21 Sniping Players Guide: 83+ Rated sniping in FUT 21

Numerous SBCs with great packs or player rewards in FIFA 21 require a player card with 83+ base score rating. This is incredible approach to win coins truly simple. Likewise, it is useful for your to stack your club with many 83 or higher rated players. You’ll have the option to finish SBS’s yourself and sell the cards when the costs are high. Figure it out when the higher rated cards are cheap and buy many of them. Later on, when a new SBC is love, you will not regret buying those cards! Do not forget to use the webapp! 

FUT 21 Sniping Players Guide: Make profit with 83 rated players

  • Snipe 83+ Players and spare them for future SBC’s. Sell them when new SBC’s are available. The prices will be higher and you made a good profit!
  • Search for 83 or higher players with awful statistics. For instance; a defender with frightfully low pace. No one will utilize those major parts in their group, yet they will be popular when people are completing popular SBC´s.
  • Try not to stress about it! There are new SBC´s online every week and sometimes every day. When you missed an opportunity to make coins, just wait for the next one!

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