FIFA FUT 22 Silver Players Sniping Tips Guide

'FIFA 22: How to earn coins with silver and bronze players'

After the previous edition of FUT featured regular challenges with nice rewards that required silver players. And that´s why silver players are more valuable than ever. In this FIFA FUT 22 Silver Players Sniping Tips Guide we will show you how make easy coins with silver players.

It is therefore valuable to snipe good silver players and sell them immediately, or (if they are not valuable yet) save them until a new challenge comes up where silver players are needed. We have selected this snipe filter for you which makes it possible to snipe valuable silver players very easily.

Even though many players believe that silver and bronze cards are useless, they are actually a veritable coin factory for more experienced players. We’ll show you the different ways to earn coins in FUT 22 using only silver and bronze players.

Earning coins in FUT 22 has never been easier. All you need are some bronze and silver players. And of course, some time and patience! At least one of these methods is truly fool proof, so get to work!

Snipe filter for RARE silver cards

fut 22 silver players tips guide

Sniping method: Snipe RARE silver players with the Buy Now Price:

-Search: Player Quality: Silver. Rare

– Buy Now Price: 200 or 250 (Depending on the market price).

– Hit the search button.

– Now various players will show up in the results.


Only buy the RARE silver players who fit ONE of the statistics below here:

  • Pace above 85.
  • All stats are normal or higher (around 65/70).
  • Skill moves or weak foot 4 or 5 stars.
  • The player is playing in one of the major leagues (Serie A, Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga).

Only try to get rare silver cards. Try to buy a minimum of ten players. If you sell them later, the coins will keep coming in! Players that are not sold, keep them in the club for later.

FIFA FUT 22: How to earn coins with silver and bronze players

Do you know why some silver and bronze players are so rare and hard to find? It’s because no one opens these packs as it’s supposedly not profitable. As for coins, the exact opposite is true.

Bronze & Silver Pack Method

Both silver and bronze packs are profitable, and it is relatively easy to earn coins by simply opening them and reselling items on the market. A regular bronze pack costs only 400 coins, while the premium version costs 750 coins. The silver packs are a little more expensive, with the basic pack costing 2,500 coins and the premium version costing 3,750 coins.

FUT 22 silver packs

All items in these packs are instantly tradable and you can make a lot of money just by reselling them. There are some badges and kits that go for more than 2000 coins, which is an instant profit.


In most cases, you only get your coins back after you sell everything. So keep in mind that sometimes you won’t earn anything and a small deficit is possible. In the long run, however, this strategy works well.


You also don’t have to sell all the items immediately. Store all highly rated players in your club and wait until Wednesday. Every week, the new goal “Silver Stars” comes out, for which you need a complete silver team. On this day you earn more with silver players!  You can also pick up some players from good clubs and wait for the SBCs to potentially increase their price.


We hope you´ve enjoyed reading the FIFA FUT 22 Silver Players Sniping Tips Guide. Do not forget to check out the FIFA FUT 22 SNIPING FILTERS TIPS GUIDE