Fishdom Deep Dive Tips and Hints Guide

Fishdom Deep Dive Hints

Fishdom Deep Dive is a great game with nice graphics and good sound effects. Many people are playing this game and the ratings are pretty good! Fishdom Deep Dive is available for all big mobile platforms. Fishdom Deep Dive has many levels and a lot of extra in-game features like boosters and power ups. Read the Fishdom Deep Dive Tips and Hints Guide below and get to know the game!

Check the Fishdom Deep Dive level first

Always make sure to first check the playing field to prepare the possible first moves. You’ll see the best area to start in and which combinations are the best.

Achievements and Gems in Fishdom Deep Dive

Every level has some achievements. Completing does achievements will give you gems/coins. For more information about achievements tab the trophy button in the game. After saving enough gems you’ll be able to buy power-ups, which can be used in the upcoming levels.

Restore your fish health with the Food button

Every now and then the fish food button appears. Once you tab this button your fished will restore health. Yes, your fish need food too! When your fishes already have full health you’ll receive extra coins by applying this button. Try to keep your fish in good shape. It will be easier to play the levels.

Obstacles in Fishdom Deep Dive

The obstacles in Fishdom Deep Dive are really annoying. The obstacles give you less space and make it harder to make good combinations. Try to focus on removing the obstacles first to give yourself more room. Make combinations next to the obstacles in Fishdom Deep Dive and you’ll provide yourself with more space.

Make combinations at the bottom of the playing field

Fishdom Deep Dive - play the bottom of the board - tips guide

In many levels it’s the best to make your combinations at the bottom of the level. By removing tiles on the bottom of the level the upper part will also start moving. This provided a lot of extra ‘free’ combinations and points. You didn’t do anything and the combinations keep coming.

Combine more than three tiles for special moves/boosters

In order to get boosters you’ll have to make combinations with more than three candies. This way it’s easier to complete the levels in Fishdom Deep Dive. Try to plan your moves one step ahead. It will make it a lot easier to get the right colors/tiles next to each other and make the big combinations. The pieces you combine the better the booster is.

Match four tiles and you’ll receive the Firecracker Booster. With five tiles combined you get the Bomb Booster. With a big combination of six tiles the Dynamite Booster. And with seven tiles the powerful Warhead Booster.


We hope you’ve enjoying reading the tips from this Fishdom Deep Dive Tips and Hints Guide.

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