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Flappy Bird and Clumsy Bird Guide

Down here the best tips and tricks for Flappy Bird and Clumsy Bird. The graphics of the games are different but the gameplay is the same. So it doesn't matter which game you play, use these tips below here. When adjusting some new tactics it will be a lot easier to increase your high score in Flappy Bird. Many people are bragging on social media because of their high scores. Just read the tips and tricks guide below here and get better in this frustrating but addictive game.

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The latest high score we heart of was a streak of 140 points. There is also news available there would be a hack for this game which makes it very easy to play this game until your hair is grey. This isn't the tactic I would suggest to use. Just try to improve your skills and achieve a high score with your own gameplay.

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Flappy Bird and Clumsy Bird Tips and Tricks


The rhythm of the game

For me it works a lot to tab the screen very shortly. This gives me some kind of a pace which makes it very easy to adjust your bird. This is a good tactic to get into the flow of the game and makes it easier to get passed the pipes.

View is important

In this game it's really important to see what's coming your way. All those annoying pipes who want to kill your bird. Many Smartphone screens are not that big. When possible use an Tablet. This will make this game a lot easier. When using a Smartphone your hands will get in the way.


You'll need burning eyes.

Flappy Bird and Clumsy Bird demand a lot of concentration. Every distraction could mean the end of the scoring streak. This tip is easier said than done. Try not to blink too much, focus on the screen. When you feel your eyes burning you're on the right way!

Make sure you passed the previous one.

It happens many times, you think you passed the previous pipe and you start focusing on the next one. And then, GAME OVER!

Try to prevent this and take your time and make sure you completely passed the previous pipe in Flappy Bird and Clumsy Bird. It will save you a lot of anger and frustration.


Don't get to emotional

When I'm playing the game for a long time and I'm getting frustrated it's best to take a break. My experience is that the scores do not get better when your filled with emotions.


Don't let friend scores bring you down

Many friends of mine are posting their 'incredible' scores on social media. Don't get jealous just use this motivation to get a better score for yourself.

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