Fortnite: Battle Royale – Golden Chest and the Best Loot Locations Guide

'Fortnite Battle Royale Loot Locations Walkthrough'

In Fortnite Battle Royale there are Golden chests/crates and loot everywhere. Just look around really closely and follow the shiny sound. The best loot can be found in a golden chest/crate. We have selected of the best locations to find golden chests and good loot.

Pleasant Park (northwest)

Location: Many small buildings that are searched quickly. The biggest town of the map in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Loot: Lots of boxes and neat ammunition. Many hidden chest inside the buildings. There are also many hidden rooms which contain good loot.

Landing place: The most suitable place to land is the gas station in the east of the area. From the roof of the building you have a great overview and in the gas station there is loot.

Be careful though; many Fortnite will land in this area. Try to get a weapon as fast as possible.

Anarchy Acres (North)

Location: Area with barns, silos and open fields.

Loot: The barns in Anarchy Acres is a place where you’ll definitely find good loot (weapons and items). You have to build stairs quickly, because the buildings have several levels. Important: Search the haystacks and also look behind them. In the silos there are chests that pay off one or more views.

Extra tip: Destroy the silos with your ax. Most of the times there are chest or weapons hidden inside it.

Extra tip: Look behind the hay bales. You’ll find good weapons, ammo and shields items there. When you’re lucky you’ll even find a golden chest there.

Landing place: Do not land in the open field between the buildings. You’ll be an easy target. Try to land on top of a roof of one of the barns and ax your way into the building.

Tomato Town (Northeast)

Location: building with a restaurant, a gas station and many cars. This is a spot where many playes land. Be careful and find a gun fast!

Loot: Through the cars you can harvest a lot of metal. Search for loot and gold crates inside the restaurant and in the gas station.

Landing place: Try to land on top of the roof of the gas station. This will give you a good point of view. When you don’t see any enemies ax your way through the roof and collect the loot.

Wailing Woods (Northeast)

Fortniet Battle Royal wailing woods

Location: A forest with a bunker in the middle of a labyrinth. A good hiding place that is easy to defend. Inside the labyrinth are a lot of hidden chests, good weapons and loot.

Loot: There is a lot to be found inside the buildings. Inside the labyrinth are a lot of hidden chests, good weapons and loot.

Landing place: It is best to land a bit northwest of the forest. There is not much going on in the buildings and there is enough loot and resources.

Extra tip: Ice Car: Close to Wailing Woods there is a Ice Cream Truck. On a hill you can see from far away a car with an ice on top of it. This is pretty good place to find a gold chest.

Land outside villages and towns in Fortnite Battle Royale

Extra tip: in the deserted places outside the towns and villages can be found good loot and crates. Keep an eye out for trucks and little camps with tents. Many times the trailers will contain a golden chest. Around the camps you’ll easily find good weapons, ammo, shields and more.

It’s a good strategy to land outside a villages or town. This will give you the opportunity to collect a good loot. Also this gives you an easy start without having to fight enemies directly when landing. With this tactic it’s pretty easy to survive a coulpe of stroms. It’s also a good strategy because you will be able to plan your moves and see where the storm is heading.


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