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Earn More Money with Trading #3

Down here part three of the guide how to make more money in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Read the tips and you'll know some cool methods to earn more and to trade like a pro!

The information on this website is for XBOX 360, PS3 and PC players.

Use The EA Ultimate Team Web App

fifa fut 14 web app

If you ever used the EA FUT Web App it's a good idea to log in again. Use your old login. I hear you think; Why should I do that? Well depending on the years and months you've been playing you get free packs from the store to start your FIFA FUT 14 team. Very nice deal to start trading.

And when you didn't play FIFA Ultimate Team before I would suggest to use the Web App as well. EA gives away a lot of free coins, packs and deals which helps you to build your perfect team. For example last year around christmas you just had to log in and recieved a bonus (like a mini gold pack or extra coins).

Use popular (not to expensive) players to trade with.

fifa fut 14 trade with players

The next method is very popular by many users of FUT 14. I use the Web App for this method because it's much faster to use. There are some players who are really popular but not too expensive. It will take some time to find the right players to trade with. Some useable names are:

  • Badstuber (CB, German, Bundesliga, Bayern)
  • Boateng (CB, German, Bundesliga, Bayern)
  • Alaba (LB, Bundesliga, Bayern)
  • Dante (CB, Brasil, Bundesliga, Bayern)
  • Gündogan (CM, Bundesliga, Dortmund)
  • Santana (CB, Brasil, Bundesliga, Dortmund)
  • Naldo (CB, Brasil, Bundesliga, VFL Wolfsburg)
  • Wiese (Goalkeeper, Bundesliga, 1899 Hoffenheim)

This are just some suggestions, there are many more players which you can use.

Trade At Night

fifa fut 14 trading at night

Late at night and early in the morning there are less players on the market and most of the time the prices are not that high like during the day. One of my methods is to buy one popular player many times in the morning for a cheap price, and then sell them during the day for a higher price.

Extra note: In the weekend the transfer market is booming because everybody is playing FIFA 14.

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