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Earn Easy Coins: Trading Silver Players

fifa 16 trading method with silver players

Earning coins with silver players is not something most people think of. But it's a really good method to earn a lot of coins in FUT 16. Read the instructions and get to know how to apply this method.

There are two ways to trade with Silver players on the transfer market.


Silver Trading Method 1: Buy now price

fifa 16 trading method 1 with silver players

Go to the transfer market, player search and select quality silver. Go to the buy now max. field and select 250 or 300 coins. Press search and a lot of players will pop up. Now comes the important part. Search for rare silver players only with good quality's (for example pace above 85). Or search for rare silver players from the big leagues, like: Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A. The quick sell price of rare silver player cards is 250. So it will be really difficult to not make profit on reselling those players. After you bought the players put them back on the market for a start price of 400 and buy now price around 500/950. Some players are pretty rare or popular. Do some research and you'll find out some silver players can be sold for a few thousand!


Silver Trading Method 2: Max price option:

fifa 16 trading method 2 with silver players

Open the transfer market, and select quality silver. Go to the max price field and select 300 coins. Press search and player card will show up with a max bid of 300 coins. Scroll through the list and bid on rare silver players with good quality's or from a good league (just like in method 1). Just bid on all the good rare silver players. Do this as much as you want. After this play a match or get some food. When you return guaranteed you'll have winning bids on some good rare silver players. Do some research for how much they sell and put them back on the market.


Follow this method and you'll make a few thousand coins in just one hour easily!


FUT 16 Online Coins


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Winter Upgraded Player Cards in FUT 16




Anticipate on Transfer Market FUT 16

fifa 16 pack totw

There are some trends when you take a look at the prices on the transfer market. When new packs are released there is a lot of speculation and rumors which players will increase in value. Many gamers will by the same players. This will make the players more expensive. After a few days when the new packs are out the rumors are gone and many gamers sell their players again for less. Always try to buy players you want when the speculations are not that high.

Offline tournaments in FUT 16

It sounds boring but the offline tournaments in FIFA FUT 16 are a good way to increase your coin flow. It also gives the opportunity to open some good packs. Many offline tournaments give away gold pack when you win the tournament. Unfortunately the players you get from packs won in offline tournaments are not sellable on the transfer market.


Take your time

Don't use the buy now button to often. It's better to search for the 3 or 4 of the cheapest player cards of the player you want to buy. Make a small bid on all of them and most of the time you'll win one or two of the auctions. Store the best card in club and sell the other for a better buy now price.


Make a living with small profits

Small profits do pay off. Every year there a few popular player cards which are not too expensive and are pretty constant. Search for one of those players (for example in FUT15 a good players was Vermaelen or Naldo) and figure out for how much the player normally sells. After that make small bids on many of the same player cards. Many cards are sold under the 'standard' value. Buy all those cards and sell them for a buy now price a few hundred higher than the normal price. The coins will be rolling in!

FUT 16 Managers

Managers are very underrated. Managers are a good way to earn coins in FUT 16. Due to ignorance many manager cards are sold for a few hundred coins. And can be sold for a few thousand. Take a look in the transfer market and check for popular gold manager cards. Find the ones with a low buy now price and sell them with profit.


Time of the week

Some medium popular players seem to be cheaper during the week and in the morning (for me time-zone: Amsterdam). Once you've figured it out what is the best time to buy players it's a good way to store them in your club. In the weekend the prices go back up again and you can sell your player cards for a lot more coins.


Easy coin boost with Fitness cards

When you need a quick coin boost in FUT 16 this is a good trick. Go to transfer market and select fitness cards. Put the buy now price on 150 or 200. Buy as many cards as you can and put them back on the auction for buy now price 250 or even more (depends on the average price during that time). In a matter of time you'll earn thousands of coins.


Skill moves and weak foot

Some players look really good when looking at the stats but can be a disappointment. It's important to keep in mind which players have a good weak foot and some good skill moves. The better those stats are the better the player will play in the team. Go to FUT16 guide part one >



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