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'Bubble Witch Saga 2' Tips Guide

Bubble Witch Saga 2 has been downloaded more than 10 million times in the first month after being released. This is a good reason to put together some good gameplay tips for Bubble Witch Saga 2. With these tips for Bubble Witch Saga 2 it's a lot easier to complete many levels, although you'll face a lot of challenges.

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'Bubble Witch Saga 2' Hints Guide


Tip: Aim high

Bubble Witch Saga 2 aim high

By making the highest possible combinations often all bubbles underneath fall down as well. This way you'll be reach the top layer of bubbles faster and you'll complete the level faster.

Tip: Be careful with your lives.

Sometimes you'll only have one live left. The best way to keep on playing is to focus on the simple levels. Get high scores there and refill your lives. When your lives have been refilled focus on the new and harder levels again. By doing this you keep on playing and you don't have to wait until your lives have been refilled.


Tip: Focus on the color of the next bubble.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 color

At the bottom of the field you'll see what color bubble is shot next. Sometimes it's very useful to change the bubble you'll be shooting. So always keep an eye on which bubbles you have. This strategy results in completing the levels in Bubble Witch Saga 2 faster.


Tip: One shot = one combination

Bubble Witch Saga 2 one shot

Almost every bubble you're firing can result in a combination, and therefore reducing the bubbles on the playfield. Although sometimes it looks impossible, almost every shot can be a winner. Just keep an eye on the playfield and the bubbles you're getting on the bottom of the playfield. And when necessary switch between bubbles.


Tip: Be careful with boosters.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 boosters

During the game you'll receive multiple free boosters (power-ups). Try to save them for when you really need those boosters. The last thing you want to do is buy boosters because you already used them. When you're really stuck in a level you'll be really happy you saved some boosters.

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