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Tips and Hints #2

Down here the second part of the tips and tricks for GTA V. This information is made for you especially to earn quick money in GTA V. There are some good hints which will give you the option to earn a lot of money in a very short time. Good luck reading the tips and don't forget to check out the other pages.

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train characters gta v

#6 Train your characters

Train your characters to make them better in driving, shooting and so on. You can train the characters by going to shooting range or practicing yoga, or take part in some racing events.

This will help you to complete the missions much quicker and better.

 use garage to store items gta v

#7 Use the main characters garage to store items

Every main character will get a garage after a while. Use this garage to store nice and tuned cars. Your cars will be saved there and you can always use them. And when your car is broken or damaged just drive it into your garage and the next time it will be fixed. It will save you a lot of money.

 Participate in races gta v

#8 Participate in races to train and earn money at the same time

participate in drag races and street races, this will provide a lot of money, and your skills will be improved. It's a lot of fun and your will get rich and better

 make money ATM machines gta v

#9 Use the ATM machines to earn some pocket money

There are many ATM machines in GTA V, when you need money just wait there and rob people who used the ATM.

It's easy and quick money.