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Easter Eggs and Hidden Referrals

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been known for the surprises and Easter eggs hidden in the game.

The information is for XBOX 360 and PS3 players.

Below here we will show you some Easter Eggs hidden in GTA V. You will be suprised how many hidden jokes and references there are in the game.

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GTA V Easter Eggs

 gta 5 easter eggs bigfoot in gta v

#1 Bigfoot in GTA V

In the mission 'predator' you're flying a helicopter and from the position behind the machine gun in the helicopter you'll see BigFoot!

He really exists and he is hiding behind a tree. This image is made in the negative mode so you'll be able to see him better.

 gta 5 easter eggs first mission alien in the ice gta v

#2 There is an ALIEN hidden in the ice.

During the first mission the characters drive through the snow and over the ice. The scene after you're hit by the train there is a brigde nearby.

Under the brigde where you need to walk over there is an ALIEN hidden in the ice.

gta 5 easter eggs Secret Messages and Map on the GTA 5 special edition cover

#3 Secret Messages and Map on the GTA 5 special edition cover

When you bought the special edition GTA V edition you're lucky. Use and UV black light and you'll see a secret message and instructions.

The instructions will get you some extra money and the opportunity to buy a dock in the harbor.

gta 5 easter eggs ten points referral


Sometimes you will hear Trevor shout 'ten points' when he hits someone.

This is a referral to the first GTA where you got 10 points for hitting somebody.


gta 5 easter eggs goatse


As a reminder to the internet goatse messages some license plates have the number: "80aat533"

I'm sure not everyone knows what's about, but trust me that's better for you and your family!



Next to the army base, across the street next to the Sonar Collections Dock, you will find the famous opening scene from No Country For Old Men. You'll find a group of trucks with dying drug dealers and further across the hill you'll find a silver case full of money.