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Tips and Tricks #1

On this page we will give you some killer tips for GTA V to earn more money and to play the game better. The tricks will help you to understand the game.

The information is useable by XBOX 360 and PS3 players.

Some tips will give you information about the main characters and some other are more suitable to make fast money.

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 gta 5 Special powers  main characters

#1 Special powers of the main characters

Make use of the special powers which the three main characters have.

Down here the special powers of the GTA V main characters.

Franklin: is a good driver, he can drive in slow motion (using the special power button in GTA) so it's easy to drive through traffic.

Trevor: Has the ability to get more damage and can take more impact for a while.

Micheal: During shootouts he can put the game in slow motion. He is able to aim and shoot fast.

gta 5 Side objectives Freaks and Strangers

#2 Side objectives (Freaks and Strangers)

On your way to missions and when you're driving around minding your own bussiness, randomly side missions and objectives will pop up.

Those objectives like Freaks and Strangers who start talking to you will give you the oppurtunity to earn extra money.

And you will get some new contacts which can help you and provide you with more missions and automatic more money

gta 5 Stock Exchange, Dialogues and Radio hints

#3 Stock Exchange; Listen to Dialogues and Radio.

Keep your ears on the radio to hear the newest updates about the stock market. For example buy a lot of stocks before killing an important character.

Some characters give you some hidden tips during the dialogues. Keep listening to those and you might get some good deals on the stock market.

gta 5 Side activities and buying properties

#4 Side activities and buying properties

Try to get as much as side activities you can to earn a lot of money.

For example buy a lot of properties. Those activities will provide you a lot of weekly money.

gta 5 Extra Information Main Characters Dialogues

#5 Extra Information Main Characters Dialogues

Notice the dialogues between the characters before hiring people to help you. They may give you information about which parts of the mission will be difficult and which will be not that hard. This will help you get a bigger share of the heist.