Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Spells Guide

'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Spells and what they'll do!'

Read the complete Harry Potter: Wizards Unite spells guide here and you’ll know what to use! In order to capture items and help save the world, you should use magic spells. Depending on the encounter you have to use different spells. Use spells by tracing the given pattern on the screen with your finger. There are currently 14 spells in Wizards Unite that have been discovered so far.

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Accio spell

The Accio spell will summon an object to move to the player. Use in Inns to get energy faster.


Auguamenti spell

The Aguamenti spell will set off a clean water beam which will leave from your magic wand. Effective against fire attacks.


Alohomora spell

Use the Alohomora spell to unlock doors, targets, windows and more! And get items out of traps!

Arresto Momentum

Arresto momentum spell

The spell Arresto Momentum will slow down objects which will make it easier to catch them. use against fast targets.


Bombarda spell

Aim at object when using the Bombarda spell and induce a small explosion.

Combat Bolt

Combat bolt spell

The combat bolt spell causes an attacking spell towards the object. Effective against oddities.


Diffido spell

The Diffindo spell makes it possible to cut through objects.


spell harry potter

Use the Ebublio spell in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to trap targets or objects in a bubble.

Expecto Patronum

Patronus spell

Use this spell to protect yourself against Dementors.


Finite spell

Use the Finite spell to stop or block ‘simple’ spells who are lower than yours.


Flippendo spell

Use the Filipendo spell in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to kickback an object or target.


Incendio spell

Use this fire spell to fire at targets. Effective for melting ice.

Meteolojinx Recanto

The Meteolojinx Recanto is a rare spell and is known as a counterattack spell. It causes weather effects.


Ridiculus spell

Use this spell when you’re in an encounter with a Boggart. The Boggart will change to any object you choose.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading theHarry Potter: Wizards Unite Spells Guide. When more spells are released in the game, we will let you know!