Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips and tricks guide

'Harry Potter: Wizards Unit Guide with tips and hints'

Read the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips and tricks guide and get to know everything about this new awesome “Harry Potter GO” game. The game was fully released on June 22, 2019. Also check out our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Spells Guide 

What are the professions in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

professions in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

As Auror, you are fighter and designed to deal damage. They are especially effective against dark forces.

As a professor you are a mix between fighter and supporter. The professor is strong with spells and weaker healing spells. They are especially effective against curiosities.

A magizoologist specializes in helping and sustaining damage. They are especially effective against beasts.

It’s possible to change professions. However the Spell Books you have chosen can’t be refunded. These Spell boos will stay in the Profession Tree and can only be uses when you’ve selected the right profession.

Where to get the magic energy from?

You can get this important magic energy in the game when visiting gasthouses and greenhouses. You can also earn them through challenges.

-When visiting buildings you’ll receive 1-10 magic energy per visit – you can do this every 5 minutes per gasthouse / greenhouse.

-Daily logins can reward you with magic energy

-Achievements partially reward you with magic energy


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Save battery and data volume in Wizards Unite

When you’re on the road playing Wizards Unite it’s better to save your battery and data volume. Apply the tips below here and you’ll be able to play longer!

Open the settings menu in Wizards Unite, tap on the suitcase icon at the bottom to open the suitcase. Then tap on the top left of the gear icon.

To save battery power on your phone go to the Advanced section in de settings menu and enable battery saver. This will cause the display to show a black standby screen as you hold the smartphone upside down. In this way, power is saved.

Enable the vibration under settings > sound you will not miss any findable objects thanks to vibration.

Unlock and open Portkeys in Wizards Unite

Portkeys can be found on the map just like ingredients. Velvet portkeys have to be carried around a certain distance by the player until they can be opened. Opening portkeys will give you valuable items.


The following Portkeys are available in Wizards Unite and this how you open them:

Valuable Portkey: 2 km open (Prized Portkey Portmanteau)

Magnificent Portkey: 5 km open (Precious Portkey Portmanteau)

Outstanding Portkey: 10 km open (Paramount Portkey Portmanteau)

You can have up to eight Portkeys in your inventory. You have to unlock the portkeys with a Gold key of with e a Silver key (you have to buy the silver one). When you’ve unlocked the portkey start walking and find out what is in the portkey!

How do you save magic energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

-Focus on the pattern and stand still when capturing an item. This will help you keep a close eye on the pattern and make it more effective, which will make spells work better. If you have to do magic more often, you also consume more energy.

-Use potions! The potions in Wizards Unite can enhance your Charms and increase the chance of success.

Complete daily tasks

Why is it important to complete daily tasks? Daily tasks reward you with gold, potions, ingredients, magic energy and even experience points. If you complete these tasks regularly, you will move up in rank faster.

Watch for light rays

In the world of Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite, some encounters on the map appear with rays of light. These are high value encounters. So you should definitely take them with you.