Idle Roller Coaster Tips & Tricks Guide

'Idle Roller Coaster Tips & Tricks to Become a Top Theme Park Tycoon!'

With Idle Roller Coaster becoming so much popular, there are many gamers who are looking for different and unique ways to do well in this gameIf you are one of them, then these tips and tricks will help you build the biggest roller coaster going as swiftly as possible. Enjoy! Good luck reading the Idle Roller Coaster Tips & Tricks Guide and become a pro in this game!

Focus on the Cars Upgraded First in Idle Roller Coaster!

Idle Roller Coaster Tips & Tricks to Become a Top Theme Park Tycoon!

Cars are the first things that you should upgrade. Upgrading one will add one more car onto your coaster, which means that it can hold more passengers. The quicker you can get people out of the station and queue, the more coins you will be getting.

Start Upgrading Ticket Costs!

When you have a good amount of cars that are fast too, you will be ready to start earning the big bucks. So, when you have it, you must start upgrading your ticket prices; it will help you invest in other aspects of your coaster. The better your ticket prices are, the more coins you will earn!

Balance Your Station Upgrades!

Your coaster station has three upgrades: Station Capacity, Customer Frequency, and Queue Capacity. Customer frequency determines how quickly new customers come to ride in your coaster, queue capacity determines how many people can be waiting in the queue, and station capacity determines how many people can fit in the coaster station.

Try to balance these upgrades. If any aspect is unbalanced, try to remedy it by upgrading aptly. For instance, if you notice that your waiting station is full, try to build more cars and don’t worry about upgrading the Customer Frequency.

Buy Ornaments for boosts in Idle Roller Coaster!

idle roller coaster ticket and upgrades

Once you reach the high level, you will be able to buy the Ornament upgrades. Ornaments are the add-ons onto your park, which will grant you additional bonuses. The Balloons will increase your queue size, the Ice Cream truck will increase your ticket prices, and so forth. The Ornaments are really good so purchase them at the earliest.


That’s all for now in this Idle Roller Coaster Tips & Tricks Guide! We hope these tips & tricks helped you, and you’ll be able to play the game better.

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