Legend of Solgard Game Mode & Campaign Guide

Game modes in Legend of Solgard

Legend of Solgard has a few different game modes and they are awesome! Every game mode has its own goals. Read the Legend of Solgard game mode & campaign guide to learn everything about the new features and modes in this game.

CAMPAIGN – game mode in Legend of Solgard

campaign mode legend-of-solgar
The primary mode in Legend of Solgard, where the story begins and you advance through various universes. Battle against various foes, beat Bosses and smash the Frost Army! This is a really nice new feature in the KING game line. It gives you a lot of more options and you can now train characters and make them better.

TREASURE CAVES – game mode in Legend of Solgard

treasure cave mode legend-of-solgar
Embla is enabled access to a mysterious cave possessed by the people of Midgard. They utilize great enchantment to develop their fortune. Gather Sun Gems and win extraordinary prizes. You can also gather Ability Dust from the Treasure Caves.

You get seven turns, two times every day in Legend of Solgard to play this mode and try to collect the Sun Gems. With the assistance of your own characters you’ll get better and better in this game mode. The Treasure Caves will give you more and more extras when you advance in the game. Complete more caves and advance to the next one to receive even better gems and chests.

THE UNDERWORLD – game mode in Legend of Solgard

underworld game mode in legend of solgarThis is the darkest place of the game. Characters who are captured cannot battle in the underground. You’ll have to find another way to battle in this game mode 😉


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THE DUNGEONS – game mode in Legend of Solgard:

THE DUNGEONS game mode in legend of solgar

The Dungeons in Legend of Solgard are the place you work with your Guild. You can join a Guild, or make one for 500 Gold. After you’ve gone along with a guild, you can have a chat with fellow Guild players and give Gold. Have a go at bringing down Bosses and get an piece of their fortunes.

With your Guild, you should wander into the Dungeons to kill the Bosses that you find. Deliberately smash their precious stones to debilitate them and utilize ground-breaking boosters and bombs to guarantee your legitimate place on the Guild leaderboard.

HERO ARENA – game mode in Legend of Solgard

HERO ARENA in legend of solgar

Win fights to expand your rating, which decides your rating, rank and standings in the progressing season. You’ll get the opportunity to receive chests when you rank up and when a season is finished.

BOUNTIES – game mode in Legend of Solgard

BOUNTIES game mode in legend of solgar

Getting Bounties on miscreants is an incredible method to Earn Gold. Claim up to 3 Bounties for every day. When you have earned yourself enough, you will acquire yourself a chest. But you’ll have to play this game mode regularly because when you wait too long you’ll have to start all over again!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Legend of Solgard game mode & campaign guide . Now you now what to play en when to play it!

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