Legend of Solgard Tips and Tricks Guide

30 killer gameplay tips to get better at 'Legend of Solgard'

‘Legend of Solgard’ is the new popular game from the well-known developer KING. Are you stuck on a level or you’ve just started playing the game? We will give you the 30 best tips to get better at Legend of Solgard. Read this Legend of Solgard tips and tricks guide and you’ll complete the levels faster and know all the smart tricks in the game. And it’s always better to complete the Legend of Solgard levels without spending any money!

In this Legend of Solgard tips and tricks guide you will find the best hints and strategies to complete the levels faster and the best strategies to get new characters faster without spending any money. Here are the 30 best tips and tricks that will help you win and improve in ‘Legend of Solgard’.

Tricks to win in ‘Legend of Solgard’

  • Do not forget to open the free crates every four hours to get gems and nice extras.

legend of solgard open daily chests and complete quests - Legend of Solgard tips and tricks guide

  • When you start a game, first play the additional modes that you have available before you return to the campaign to maximize your winnings.
  • Concentrate on the daily quests to gain access to the bronzed, golden or platinum chests.
  • The main way to get characters is through the campaign, so make sure you spend all the energy you have.

Legend of Solgard, improve your characters

  • If you want new and stronger characters for free, the best way to achieve this is to be constant and play whenever you can.

Legend of solgard improve your collection of characters

  • When you improve your characters, first focus on important features like the attacks or skills. Leave blocking options and other less important features for later.
  • To attack your opponent, combine characters of the same color in lines of 3 or more.
  • You can also make larger combinations in Legend of Solgard if you make a 2 by 2 square combination.
  • Add power to your attack by adding two characters in a vertical line of the same color or two in a horizontal line behind a large creature.

Legend of Solgard Special moves Tips Guide

  • If you want to attack in a better way, create an L or T shape combination. This will unlock special boosters and will get rid of more characters on the board.
  • The number that appear on the board is the one that marks the amount of attacks they need.
  • If you attack enemies without a number above them they will only need one attack in Legend of Solgard.

legend of solgard improve your characters

  • To defend enemy attacks, you can create characters with superior attacks or defenses, so called boosters.
  • Defenses are created by merging three or more creatures of the same color on a horizontal line.
  • Remember that you can eliminate creatures by double-clicking on them to make them disappear.
  • Always check the position of your characters and try to attack with as few moves as possible.
  • There is no time limit so don’t rush your moves in the levels.
  • First determine how your characters will move on the board when someone else attacks. Will another creature or defense be created when the creature attacks?
  • Then control the enemy field. If someone is going to attack you, with what power will he do it? Try to anticipate on what moves you’ll encounter.
  • Pay attention to the disposition of the enemies in the crystal, it will give you instructions on where you will have to defend later and prepare accordingly.
  • Take advantage of the elements in the enemy field. You can use it later to combine the right moves and get rid of the enemies in Legend of Solgard.
  • Focus on ending characters that can create more danger (the number above their heads), but do it without forgetting your ultimate goal.
  • When you play against bosses, creatures create thoughts about the turns they will take to attack and in which position the boss will be at any time.
  • Use the special abilities of your creatures to do extra damage or stop possible attacks

Enjoy playing the game and we hope you’ll improve your gameplay with this Legend of Solgard tips and tricks guide.


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King, the maker of the popular game Candy Crush Saga, has released a new game called Legend of Solgard. At first it looks like the standard match-3 puzzle game, but below the surface a unique role playing game may be hidden.

Legend of Solgard is a free to play game with the possibillity to make purchase in-game content. In the game you have to train your characters and improve your collection. The game-play occasionally resembles a little to the role playing games (rpg).