Candy Crush Saga Help – Level 130

Level 130 in Candy Crush Saga, how do I complete this level?


It took me some time as well to figure it out. There are some smart tricks you need to know to complete Level 130. In level 130 there are only 40 moves available, so you need to be careful with them.

Tip 1: Get the Striped Candies in Level 130

Combine four or more candies with each other and you’ll get a special candy. Those special candies are important to get all the objectives of this level. More information about boosters, read this guide: Candy Crush Saga Boosters #1


To get the Striped balls at the top of the play field you have to make 5 CANDY combinations.

In order to complete this level quick, you need to get two striped candies in the playfield and try to combine them in one move. A very big part of the playfield will get blown away.


Tip 2: Only play the Striped Candies when they can be played together.

One very important tip for Level 130 is; Don’t play the striped candy when they can’t match with each other. Wait for the right moment until the special candies can be matched with each other in one move.


This will give you the right moves which you need to accomplish this Level in Candy Crush. When you play the special candies the wrong moment this could cost you a live in the game.


How do I get the special candies next to each other in this level?

It’s pretty easy. When made one special candy, try to get four or more candies of the same color close to the special candy who’s already on the playfield. Then play the candies with the same color, but NOT the special candy. You’ll get an extra special candy now. Try to repeat this action a couple of times and you’ll have the ammount of candies you need to complete this level.

Watch the Level 130 Video below here!

Candy Crush Saga Level 130 Walkthrough Video


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