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Gameplay Updates in FIFA 16


Better Defenders in FIFA 16

FIFA 15 has been focusing on attackers and gave pace a lot of advantages. Attackers (like: Robben) easily ran passed defenders. EA announced on the E3 that FIFA 16 will have a great deal of new gameplay updates. One of the gameplay updates is focused on defending. In FIFA 16 more animations are added, this way the defenders are more moveable. They are not the wooden planks they used to be in the previous FIFA games. Also EA has been working on the tackle in FIFA 16. Usually a tackle takes a long time, and when you've missed the attacker will be long gone. In FIFA 16 it's possible to recover really fast by pressing the tackle button one more time.

Team Work in FIFA 16

One more new gameplay feature which EA announced is the team as a working unit in FIFA 16. The team is a unit and will be working better together as a team. Teammates will be communicating with each other and teammates give orders. Also attackers will be helping their team more when the other team is attacking.


Finally More Tackling Options

Finally the tackle gets the update is deserves. The tackle in FIFA is always been the same. standing tackle or the 'old school' sliding tackle with the risk of getting the yellow or red card. EA now added some new features to FIFA 16. When a bouncing ball or a high pass is coming through it's possible to tackle the ball when it's not yet on the ground. It's also possible to perform a fake tackle, this way the defenders get some extra skills to take care of the fast attackers.


Smarter Players in FIFA 16

In FIFA 16 players will have more awareness and are better in estimating the passes they get. Players are now better in saving a ball before passing the line and are working harder to save a ball which is maybe a little too hard. This new gameplay feature will be very positive for the midfield. No more it's needed to play the long ball when the midfield is messing up the passing.


Better Player Movement During Crosses in FIFA 16

FIFA 16 give attackers some more tricks up their sleeves when it comes to crosses. In the previous FIFA games players were not really picking positions when a cross was given. In FIFA 16 players will pick a position when a cross is given and they have some smart moves to get in the right position. In addition to the crossing attackers and star skilled players have new finishing animations. It's likely that FIFA 16 will bring some wonderful goals.


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