Pokémon GO Items & Rewards

Unlockable Items & Level Rewards & Pokeballs

Tipsandtricksfor recieved a lot of questions about unlockable items / balls and items in Pokémon GO. We have selected a complete guide with all the information you need to know. Read this and you'll be a master in Pokémon GO !

Pokémon GO Items & Rewards Guide


Stardust in Pokémon GO

Tip: Stardust in Pokémon GO

You should try to catch every Pokémon you encounter. Why you ask? Because for every Pokémon you capture you'll receive 50 stardust. Stardust is universal and can be used on any Pokémon to raise his or her Combat Points (CP). This will make your Pokémon stronger. All stardust is saved in one place. The stardust is not specifically for only one Pokémon.

So when you want to upgrade one Pokémon, go for a hunt and capture easy Pokémon. Then use the stardust to upgrade your favorite Pokémon. The first upgrade for a Pokémon costs 200 stardust. After that the prizes will rise.



Pokémon GO: PokeBalls

Capture and collect Pokeballs at Pokestops in the game. Pokeballs mostly are unlocked when you’ve reached certain goals in Pokémon GO. For example; reach an higher Trainer level or complete a objective. Pokestops mostly are well known public places, like; monuments, museums, markets and so on.

1. Pokeball

Tip: Pokémon GO Pokeball

Every player starts with 50 Pokeballs The Pokerball in Pokémon GO is the first and most standard Pokeball. It's easy to to get during the game and very cheap. When you just starting playing the Pokeball are very handy to capture the most 'standard' Pokémon.


2. Great ball

Tip: Pokémon GO great ball

The Great Ball in Pokémon GO is the second in line and is a little harder to get in the game. It's also more expensive when you want to buy this item. Use the Great ball to capture wild Pokémon.


3. Ultra Ball

Tip: Pokémon GO ultra ball

The Ultra Ball in Pokémon GO is the third item in line and is pretty unique in the game. When you've captured some of these Ultra ball items it will get a lot easier capturing wild Pokémon.

4. Master Ball

Tip: Pokémon GO master ball

The Master Ball is the most powerful Pokeball in Pokémon GO. This item is harder to collect during the game. It's advisable to save Master Balls for the most strong Pokémon. Some rare Pokémon can only be captured when using the Master Ball.



Collectable Items in Pokémon GO:


Revive items:

Tip: Revive items Pokémon

The revive item helps you recover a fainted Pokémon. When you use a revive item the HP will refill to half. There is also a Max Revive item. When using this one the Pokémon HP will refill completely.

Tip 1: This item is important to use in gym battles. When competing against other gym teams.

Tip 2: After reaching level 5 you'll be able to find the revive item at the Pokestops.


Potions items:

Tip: potions items Pokémon

The potion collectable items are important to use after you fought in a gym battle. You can restore health of the Pokémon. You can't use a potion when your Pokémon is fainted.

Tip 1: The Potion items is important in gym battles. When competing against other gym teams.

Tip 2: After reaching level 5 you'll be able to find the potion item at the Pokestops.

Normal Potion - Restore HP +20


Tip: super potions items Pokémon

Super Potion - Restore HP +50


Tip: hyper potions items Pokémon

Hyper Potion - Restores HP +200



Razz Berries in Pokémon GO

Tip: Razz Berries Pokémon GO

The Razz Berries in Pokémon GO are important when you're trying to capture the difficult Pokémon. The Razz Berries are used to reduce the CP level of the Pokémon. Use this item and you've more chance capturing the Pokémon.

Tip 1: After reaching level 8 you'll be able to find the Razz Berries item at the Pokestops.

Incense Items in Pokémon GO

Incense  Pokémon GO

The Incense items are pretty handy. Use this item to attract hiding Pokémon. Get them to get out of their hiding places and it will be more likely for you to capture the Pokémon.



A Lure Module in Pokémon GO

A Lure Module in Pokémon GO

The Lure Module can be called 'the better' version of the incense. Use the lure module and it will lure a Pokémon to a Pokestop. This item will work for 30 minutes. So be quick and specific when using this lure module.



Lucky Egg in Pokémon GO

Lucky Egg in Pokémon GO

The Lucky Egg can be used to double your XP. Just like the lure module this item will work for 30 minutes.



Trainer Level up Rewards

Every time you reach a level higher with your trainer, you receive extra rewards / items. Every level has a standard reward.

Level 2 - Poke Ball +10
Level 3 - Poke Ball +15
Level 4 - Poke Ball +15
Level 5 - Poke Ball +20, Potion +10, Revive +10, Incense
Level 6 - Poke Ball +15, Potion +10, Revive +5, Egg Incubator
Level 7 - Poke Ball +15, Potion +10, Revive +5, Incense
Level 8 - Poke Ball +15, Potion +10, Revive +5, Razz Berry +10, Lure Module
Level 9 - Poke Ball +15, Potion +10, Revive +5, Razz Berry +3, Lucky Egg.
Complete level reward here: Full Level Reward Guide



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