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Since Ruzzle updated a while ago there are now some Achievements you can reach. The new update allows users of Ruzzle to earn achievements. Since the new update there are quite some questions about a number of achievements and awards.

Tipsandtricksfor made a list of all Ruzzle achievements. The full guide for the Ruzzle achievements. Some achievements are a little unclear, we'll explain these. It's pretty cool to keep an eye on the achievements. It makes the game Ruzzle much more exciting and you'll be amazed what you'll achieve. Some funny achievements are; make a 1000 unique words, or swipe A LOT of miles.

The Ruzzle Achievements:

1. The Ultimate Move

Find the best word on the board.

2. Fantastic Four

Play one round with only four letter words

3. Speedster

Find 30 words in the First 30 seconds of a round.

4. Globetrotter

Win games in three different languages.

5. The Challenge

Challenge your Twitter friends.

6. Bookworm

Play a word with the minimum of 10 letters

7. Da Bomb

Get more then 1000 points in one round

8. Sky's the limit

Play more than 60 words in one round.

9. Top Notch

Play one word with the minimum of 200 points.

10. Lemon

Play 20 games against lemons (take a look below this list to see what the Lemon achievement is.

11. Tie

Play a tie game

12. Juggernaut

Win 10 times against the same opponent.

13. Close Call

Win with less than 50 points difference

14. Hooked

Play 200 games of Ruzzle

15. Check Mate

Win 100 games of Ruzzle

16. Not Now

Get a Phone call while playing Ruzzle

17. Underdog

Win a game of Ruzzle after losing the first two rounds.

18. The Dictionary

Play 1000 unique words.

19. Friendly

Challenge a Facebook friend.

20. Noob

Take another look at the tutorial.

21. Going the Distance (New Ruzzle Award)

Swipe a distance of 10 meters.

22. Sweet Sixteen (New Ruzzle Award)

Use all the sixteen boxes in the Ruzzle playfield.

What is the Lemon achievement in Ruzzle?

ruzzle lemon achievement

There are many questions about the lemon achievement in Ruzzle.

The word Lemon in Ruzzle means people who just started playing the game. So the Lemons in Ruzzle are the beginners.

You can recognize them by the round yellow heads (icon).