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This guide contains all our Super Mario Run tips for noobs and experts. Learn how to unlock characters, Super Mario Run is really popular and the reviews are very good. Many players of this Mario game are very happy to be able to play Super Mario on Smartphone and Tablet.


Super Mario Run: Quick Starting Tips

super mario run tips guide

Before you read the rest of the Super Mario Run tips guide it's advisable to read the quick tips below here. Keep these tips in mind and you'll have a good start of the game.

- Keep your eyes open for signs with arrows. At these special points in the levels you'll be able to change the direction of your character.

- Swipe backwards while jumping and you're character will slow down a little bit in Super Mario Run.

- The character doesn't stop running. When you started a new Super Mario Run level, you can't stop moving. Make sure you're not being disturbed and be ready to give your best.

- The Toad Rally challenge is a game mode to challenge your friends. Compete with them and get the best time for a track. This will give you extra points which can be used for unlocking new items and characters.

- To get special items you need to expand the population of your Mushroom Kingdom.



Super Mario Run is a runner game. Mario and the other characters are nonstop on the move. When the character reaches the screen it will change direction. The aim of the level is to collect coins and compete against some familiar bosses from previous Mario games. The game has three different modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder. Read the tip guide for Super Mario Run tipsandtricksfor.com put together for you!



Super Mario Run World Tour tips

super mario run world tips

The game mode World Tour in Super Mario Run is similar to the standard old school Mario game. You've to finish different levels, until you reach the castle. In the castle awaits a end boos. Be careful with your lives. After trying a few times you're lives will run out and you've to wait before you can try again.


Don't hurry in Super Mario Run:

Ignore the timer in Super Mario Run. Most of the times you'll have enough time to complete the levels. Pay more attention to all the objects which can cost you lives.



Plan your moves:

Pay attention to the level before you start playing. Use the blocks in the levels to get a good view of the level and plan your moves.



Collect all the Pink Coins:

In the Super Mario Run World Tour levels you can collect the Pink Coins. Try to collect all five in each level. Did you miss one? That's not a problem. Retry the level and collect the remaining Pink Coins. When you collect all five Pink Coins you'll receive a Toad Rally ticket.



Toad Rally Tips Super Mario Run:

super mario run tip toad rally

World Tour gives you the traditional Super Mario gaming experience. Toad Rally is a different type of game play. The speed is not that important. Focus on collecting all the coins and complete the level. Time and speed is not the leading factor.


Toads Rally Collect Coins:

The more coins you collect the bigger the chance of victory. Also your Kingdom will rise faster. Focus not on speed, but grab as many coins as possible.



Score extra Toads:

Try to eliminate a lot of enemies by turning around in the air. By rapidly tapping on your screen. Succeed and you'll receive extra toads. Ignore how to complete the challenge level and stay focused on your way to collect coins and perform moves. The victory will follow.



Characters / Special Moves Super Mario Run:

super mario run characters special moves

Mario is the star of Super Mario Run, but he brought his friends. Play with the characters; Toad, Princess Peach, Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette. Each character has a different way of playing and must be unlocked in a different way.


Toad can be unlocked from the beginning of Super Mario Run. Toad is one of the fastest characters in the game.

Princess Peach can be unlocked by completing each level of the 'travel mode'. Complete all 24 levels and you can use Peach. Peach can hover for a short time in the air. Very handy for levels with a row of coins.

Luigi is a little harder to unlock. You have to buy the Luigi's house and unlock with 150 green and 150 purple Toads in your world. Collect the Toads in the rally mode. Luigi can jump the highest of all the characters.

Yoshi can be unlocked in the same way as Luigi. Buy the house. 30 red and 30 yellow Toads. The special feature of Yoshi is to stay longer in the air because he is trying to fly with his paws.

Toadette also can be unlocked by buying a house. Buy the house with 200 red, 200 blue and 200 green Toads. Toadette's is just like Toad the fastest character in the game.



Super Mario Run Tips GUIDE

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This guide contains all our Super Mario Run tips for noobs and experts. Learn how to unlock characters, Super Mario Run is really popular and the reviews are very good.

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