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Tips and Tricks

This page shows some interesting ways to earn more coins in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. There are some simple things you should remember about FUT 13 to earn more coins. Those tricks are always useable and will give you enough coins to buy good players. By applying this information on this page I easily earn 30.000 coins a day in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The information on this website is put together by using the XBOX 360. But it's also applicable on the PC and PS3. Due to witch console you're using the amount of coins can be a little different when you're reading the FIFA Tips.

The information on this page is for XBOX 360, PS3 and PC players.

Start trading with Training Cards in FUT 13

trading with training cards fut 13

One of the best ways to earn many coins is not buying and selling players but selling formation and trainings cards. Every now and then everybody needs to buy a formation card or some training cards. It's a really good strategy to get some trading going on with this cards.

Earn Coins With Formation Card 3-4-1-2:

The formations card 3-4-1-2 is a good way to earn a few thousand coins per hour. Here is how it works.

  • Go to the auction search in Ultimate Team and select Training Search by Search Types.
  • Set the level to gold and the type to Formation.
  • Go to the buy now price and type 350 or 400.
  • Start your search and skip the first 10 or 15 pages with results. The amount of pages to skip can be different due to how many people are selling cards.
  • When you've reached page 10 or 15 just search for the 3-4-1-2 formation card and press buy now. Sometimes you'll have to search a few pages before you find a formation card but don't give up, it works every time for me!
  • Then after buying a few 3-4-1-2 Formation cards put them back on the market for the start price 650 and buy now price 950.

I usually select one hour of Auction duration. Most people are in a hurry to buy this card because they just bought a good player. And due to this fact most of the time you'll sell this card for the buy now price of 950. This trick is good because in one hour your coins will triple (Bought for: buy now 300 and sell for 950 buy now price). The value can be a little different on the PC and PS3 version.

Trading with managers in FUT 13

trading with manager cards fut 13

Another good trick for Ultimate Team to use is trading with the manager Di Matteo. It's a good manager and many people want him as manager. Here is how it works.

  • Go to Auction Search and select Staff Search by Search Types.
  • Select Level Gold and Role Manager.
  • Select maximum buy now price at 400.
  • Press search and skip the first 10 pages.
  • The pages that follow buy all the Di Matteo manager cards.
  • Put them back on the market for start price 500 or 550 and buy now prices 650 or 700. In a few hours they will all be sold and you will make a great profit.

Trading with Team Talks, Morale Squad Card

trading with morale squad cards fut 13

The next trick is called the Team Talks Cards Trading. This is a great way to earn coins really fast. Here is how it works.

  • First you go to Auction Search and select Development Search by Search Types.
  • Then you select Cold by Level and Type Team Talks.
  • Then select the buy now price on 350 or 400.
  • Hit the search button and skip the first 10 pages.
  • Start searching the pages and ONLY buy the Morale Squad cards and NOT the cards for only one player.
  • After you bought a few Moral Squad cards put them back on the auction for the start price 600 of 700 and see how it goes.

It depends how popular the cards are but sometimes you can get a few thousand for it. When the price is high raise the buy now price where you're searching (not 350 but 550 for example).

Earn Coins with Fitness Squad Cards

trading with fitness squad cards fut 13

The next tip doesn't work all the time. It depends how popular the Fitness Squad Cards are at the moment. First you search for Golden Fitness Cards (Development). Then take a look at the first pages and notice what most people are bidding on the Fitness Squad Cards (important don't bid on Player Fitness Cards) When you know how much the cards are worth start bidding on as much as Squad Fitness Cards with a low start price. My experience is that 9 time out of 10 you'll succeed in getting a few cards for a low price. Many other cards will be outbid because you made a small bid but most of the time some cards will be yours. And then sell the Cards you've bought for a higher price. Another tip is to save the cards until the price rises. Most of the times the price is higher in the weekends. Then sell them for twice the price you've bought it.

Apply Player Training Before Selling

apply player training fut 13

Players who are worth a few thousand coins it's a good idea to apply a training before selling them. Apply a training and the players have better statistics. {eople are keen to buy those players. Sure after one match the training has no effect anymore but that's not our problem, right?

Buy Players During The Night

trading at night  fut 13

One way to get players for a good price is to buy during the night (after 12 pm). Not many other players are online who can outbid you, and many players put stuff for auction because they want more coins the next day. For me it works really well when I want to buy a player for my team.

Dark Gold Player Cards in FUT 13

trading rare players in fut 13

Not everyone knows the different between dark gold and light gold cards in FIFA 13 ultimate team. The difference is the ammount of coins you get if you quick sell them. A light gold player card has a worth of minimum of 350 coins and the dark golden card has a minimum worth of 600.

When you're lucky and search the auction for buy now price 450 or less, sometimes you may find some dark gold players which you can quick sell for the minimum of 600 coins. So that means you just earned a few hundred buy doing nothing at all. You don't even have to put them for sale on the auction.

Buy Gold Packs In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Or Not?

gold packs in fut 13

I got one question for you: Do you like gambling? FIFA is smart and offers many packs with players and many other items in it. My experience is that 9 of the 10 times there's not really much interesting in it. The most 'rare' items you get in those packs are really bad players or badges. Those badges do not have any value at all. Take my advice and don't use the Gold or Silver Packs. Every now and then open one and see if you're lucky that day. That's no problem at all.

EA also has offers that only last a day or two days. For example one offer is a GOLD PREMIUM PACK with only Rare items for 25.000 coins. I tried it a few times and I only got really really bad players. The value of this pack was the same as a normal GOLD PREMIUM PACK which is for sale for 7.500. My opinion is; do not fall for these offers. Just stick to the trading with the tips and tricks I gave you.